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Teenager struggling with sexual desires

I'm a 16-year old sister who has (I'm very embarassed to say this) a very ... a very high sexual drive. But my parents believe that I'm too young to get married yet.

A Muslim teenager: lost, depressed, lonely homosexual

I was a good child, I sought Allah, I prayed 5 times a day as a child and even as a teenager. I stayed up long nights reading Quran , making Dikr.. I am not a faithless or unaware person. I know I need to change, I am very lost and confused and find myself doing bad things, talking to bad people.

I have trust issues with my husband.

He said men are promiscuous by nature and monogamous by choice. I have observed other men but I truly feel like my husband looks a lot more than most.

Am I being unreasonable for not wanting kids or is it just something I can’t help how I feel?

My question is am i being selfish for not wanting kids does it make me a bad muslim and wicked and evil? and must i be forced into being a dad even if i dont want to as some people insist i must get married it will solve all my problems when clearly that isnt always the case.

I’m 15, had a relationship and feel dirty. How do I get my life back on track?

I'm 15, when I was 13 I had a relationship and did some sexual things but not intercourse. Now after 2 years or 1 year, I feel as dead, poor, dirty, impure, waste and bad as nothing else.

She was a good friend and I miss her dearly, how can I stop thinking about her?

I want to contact her again, but I dont want to tell her the truth. I'm scared of all this lying. Please tell me a dua which will make me stop thinking about her and give me strength to stay away from lying. I feel very depressed and stressed out. I just want to start talking to her again.

My husband is the best man I can get, but he used to be gay in his teenage; Should I take Talaq?

He gave up having sex with men when he was sixteen. And he tried to get rid of porn and masturbation from his life. He cut down on both a lot. Eventually he found he could control himself and stay away from these sins. And he married me in part to 'control' his desires.

Molested by my father who is a Hafiz

He used to wrestle and pins us to the floor, he used to lick our face, kiss us, he used to touch our back. Astagfirullah but I didn't understand or realised it since I was a teenager. A friend has pointed it out to my sister, she told her once occassion where my dad had pinned her down to the bed and she had felt his private part.

My father tortures my mother, my brother disrespects them and speaks ill about Islam

My parents fight a lot, my dad has a bad tongue and swears a lot, he uses words for my mother which are too disgusting to be heard and he beats her in a very in-human way, like he treats her like an animal. On the other side, my brother, who is an educated person has a very bad behavior towards me and my parents. On the other side, my brother, who is an educated person has a very bad behavior towards me and my parents. On the other side, my brother, who is an educated person has a very bad behavior towards me and my parents. My brother has a very bad attitude towards me and my parents. Hes going far away from Allah and Islam

Marrying a right man

i have question which is always in my mind and i think and think over it again and again. evry thing happens in this world by ALLAh's will and according to my little knowledge Allah has written for us who we marry and who we don't and pious men are for pious women. I would not classify myself as a some kind of very pious person but all my life have feared Allah SWT I am very down to earth person have never harmed any one intentionally but the person I am married to was completely opposite of me.