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Teenager struggling with sexual desires

I'm a 16-year old sister who has (I'm very embarassed to say this) a very ... a very high sexual drive. But my parents believe that I'm too young to get married yet.

A Muslim teenager: lost, depressed, lonely homosexual

I was a good child, I sought Allah, I prayed 5 times a day as a child and even as a teenager. I stayed up long nights reading Quran , making Dikr.. I am not a faithless or unaware person. I know I need to change, I am very lost and confused and find myself doing bad things, talking to bad people.

Trying to understand my past… please help?

Was my mother's emotional abuse and sexual abuse the reason for all this?

He’s leaving me penniless and homeless in Egypt!

The problem is now he wants me out of my villa that I bought, and he wants it sold. He says he wants to move on, yet he won't admit to his adultery. I am here alone now in Egypt with no money or family, and I can't survive here. I am living in a slum of a house and I can't afford my bills.

Resisting Sexual Temptations

Can you please tell me the best ways to not engage with the opposite sex in public, and what to do when having desires?

I hate the concept of marriage, and I feel bad for being blessed

How do I deal with my hatred for the traditional concept of marriage, and my fear of bad men/husbands, when I in fact do have a desire to NOT lead a lonely, family-less life?

My husband wants revenge after divorce

I have finally left him, particularly for the welfare of my child. In retaliation he is threatening to expose what he suspects...

Teenage problems with sexual feelings

Many of my friends are homosexuals. Sometimes they force me to do the same thing with them...

Husband leaving for 6 years to study abroad

I am a teenager and my husband and I live separately due to family. My parents do not let me meet him incase I get pregnant. He will be leaving to go to study for 6 years. All I want is to be with him but he cannot take me. He asked me if he should stay or go...?

Can I still play video games?

I like to play games. Recently I played a game in which it had some very bad scenes... I watched it accidentally.