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Teenager struggling with sexual desires

I'm a 16-year old sister who has (I'm very embarassed to say this) a very ... a very high sexual drive. But my parents believe that I'm too young to get married yet.

A Muslim teenager: lost, depressed, lonely homosexual

I was a good child, I sought Allah, I prayed 5 times a day as a child and even as a teenager. I stayed up long nights reading Quran , making Dikr.. I am not a faithless or unaware person. I know I need to change, I am very lost and confused and find myself doing bad things, talking to bad people.

My mother is having an affair

I know that the things she's doing is haram and I am unable to do anything. I am so afraid and worried.

What should I do about my life?

Nude photos were leaked... I cry everyday, people point at me... I feel like dying.

My brother is an abusive son

He constantly makes it clear that he will never let my parents be happy... he will make them cry always... he won't let them be peaceful...

Doubts and negative thoughts

Sometimes I feel like ending up my life but I'm very afraid to do it as I knew the severe punishment of suicide in the hereafter.

I ended our relationship but he won’t leave me alone!

He asks my friends to tell me to contact him. He comes near my college and wait for me.

Joking In Islam

In recent days I came to know that whoever makes jokes about ALLAH or Anything Related To ALLAH is nullified from the Islam.

My husband cheats on me!

I hate him for lying and cheating and breaking my trust over and over again.. And I want to get a divorce coz I'm not happy. I feel like a door mat, a puppet..

Desperate and abused… I might commit suicide

I am on the verge of losing my mental balance. I might suicide.