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I need a baby! Please make dua for me


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I have been married for 3 years now, and i have just recently started trying for a baby it hasn't been that long really and i know sometimes it can take time and sometimes without realising you can just get pregnant. But now i just can't take it anymore. Is there anything that can help me to increase my chances of having a baby, is there any dua or anything that can help me, I will be ever so grateful and please make dua for me. Sometime I cry when im alone and pray and pray loads, my husband always says that dont worry its up to Allah.

And yes its true it is all up to Allah, and also inshaAllah in the will of Allah hope there is a child written in my destiny.

Please Help....


Sister Mrs Yousaf

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  1. Assalaamu alaikum sister Mrs Yousaf.

    I will keep you in my duas InshaAllah sister. First and foremost sister don't stress! Especially if you have not been trying long. It can take some time to get pregnant. Stress makes it worse sister so try to relax and not over- think about getting pregnant. Most doctors won't consider given any additional treatment unless you have been trying for over a year. But if you are really worried then maybe visit your doctor for some advice on how to increase your chances. So do relax.

    Forgive me for my outrightness. Make sure you have intimate relations regularly and the chances of getting pregnant increase with enjoyable sexual relations so work to increase closeness between you and your husband. In a nutshell don't be one of those sisters who makes sex a mundane activity to get pregnant. Vary it as much as possible and engage in foreplay. I also read a suggestion if you can maybe take a short (cheap) holiday with your husband or have a nice day out so you can relax. You should try to have sex at the time of ovulation which is around day 14 of your menstrual cycle.'

    Have a healthy diet, lots of protein, cut down or even cut out caffeine. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and take care of the body that Allah swt gave you. Of course ensure your husband does all of these things too and make sure he stays away from laptops! They kill sperm if placed on a mans lap.

    If you are overweight (get your BMI checked,) lose weight. Make sure you exercise regularly. Yoga is exercise and is amazing for stress so maybe worth a try.

    For my advice:

    You should also both get a health check to ensure you have no health problems. After this work to decrease stress improve diet and health and just live your life (with regular relations). Don't become obsessive about it, especially if you are young, put your trust in Allah and try to enjoy life and InshaAllah it will happen. It is only after about age 40 where it is a lot more difficult.

    [A/I`mran 3:38] It is here that Zakaria prayed to his Lord; he said, “My Lord! Give me from Yourself a righteous child; indeed You only are the Listener Of Prayer.”

    Ask Allah swt to give you a pious child in your own language as well and trust in Him and be patient.
    I pray that Allah swt grants you a righteous child.

    Sara Editor

    • what dua i can read always to ask forgiveness from almighty ALLAH??before i promise to ALLAH NOT to do a bad deed..which i my question is is there any dua by which i can ask forgiveness all the time???
      more over i want a pious baby.almost three years i m married.pls give me dua by which i can get a baby..

  2. i sincerely ask Allaah to give you 10s of babies inshaallaah

  3. there is nothing to be so tensed about it beacuse its honestly upto ALLAH

  4. Dear Brothers & Sisters, In the name of Allah SWT who is the greatest and who has all knowledge of our hearts.

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  5. As'salaam Mu'alaykum to all

    I have a same problem what sister yousuf facing..Insha'Allah I will make dua for you..plz make dua for me too..

    May Allah bless you with a beautiful and pious baby like angel...insha'Allah


  6. Assalamun Alaikum

    Brother, Iam married with two kids. I am working in a govt job. My husband immediatley after marriage left his job and was doing some menial jobs. For this 15 years i look after the family. his parents too. In the meantime he underwentopen heart surgery twice, so imagin my turmoil.Now he is Alhamdulillah in a own business, making some decent income. My problem is he is always rude, doesn't care of the family, insults me, no financial help to family and kids. Even now makes me to fend for the family. He never lovees me and kids. He is arrogant.

    Brother iam really fed up and worried . Pl pray for me brotehr so that my husnad becomes a loving,caring, affectionate and responsible person,who listens to my words.



  7. asalamun alaikum allah forgive me for evrything for my mistake plz make a dua for me evryone for my health for my life for evryone who all ready gone

  8. mmay allah bless u and your family jazzakala khair

  9. Plz pray for us that Allah Subhana Tallah bless us child...........I trust in Allah.
    There are lot many good people i hope sometimes when someone who is very close to Allah prays then Allah listens.

  10. “My Lord! Give me from Yourself a righteous child; indeed You only are the Listener Of Prayer.”


  11. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Sister Sara, may Allah (SWT) bless you with a righteous child who will be the coolness for your eyes. I do not know if you are having difficulties conceiving. If so, you can check with a fertility specialist who may try to rule out any health condition that may be preventing you from conceiving. For instance, the doc can put you on prenatal vitamins.

    In addition, you may want to keep track of your fertility period: meaning the time when you have the high chance of conceiving. For this, you can buy a fertility monitor such as OV WATCH. The monitor is a watch that you will wear on your wrist and it will track the salt in your sweat. Based on the reading, it will tell you exactly when you are fertile: when you are ovulating so you can try to conceive, inshallah.

    I personally know someone who was able to conceive in about 3 months after using the monitor.

    Sister Sara, best wishes for you,


  12. May ALLAH bless you with a beautiful and pious baby like angel

  13. Assalamu Alaikum All,

    Insha Allah Allah will help every one.. and include me also in your dua because i am also suffering without baby last years,

    jazakumullahu hair


  14. Plzs make dua for me I just got a miscarriage n lost my baby in only 8 weeks, I have a 7 yrs old daughter n want 1 more sibling for her , plzs make dua for me to get a baby soon I am almost 37 yrs old. Or tell me a dua I will recite it till my baby comes back in my arms

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