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salam im 18 yrs old girl. i wanted to ask these questions:

1) I removed my pubic hairs with razor many times and now whenever the hair grows i feel  itchy and i don't feel comfortable.

Then I used hair removing creams but they caused irritation on my skin. I want to wax those areas but I am afraid it to do by myself! Can I go to salon for this purpose?

2) I didn't knew that we must remove pubic hairs after forty days. I prayed without removing it. Have i committed a great sin?

~ muslimgirl

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  1. Salamualaikum,

    Regarding your first question, I think someone else can give you a better answer. But I know that it does not itch, if you shave those areas properly with a razor.

    Regarding the second question, insha Allah, you haven't sinned because you were not aware. Allah does not hold someone responsible for what they do not know. And actions depend on the intentions.

    Keeping the pubic hair over 40 days is wrong, but the Scholars say that it has no effect on prayers. So, do not worry, insha Allah, this has had no effect on your prayers.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  2. Sister your first question

     it may happen your skin dosent suit yes you ca do waxing at home it's better use sugar method or you can go to women's parlor but that obviously  should be done by a woman, with no men present. 

    The place should also be one where the people can be trusted, especially nowadays when cameras etc are readily available and many people are corrupt.Also women should not see any part of her ‘awrah such as the thighs. It should be limited only to the arms and lower legs.The salon should not be a place where ‘awrahs are uncoverered.

    The scholars have stated that it is haraam for a woman to enter public baths because they are places where ‘awrahs are uncovered. Al-Albaani (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: The public baths are definitely haraam for women. It was narrated that Abu Maleeh said: Some women from Syria entered upon ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) and she said: “Who are you?” They said: “From the people of Syria.” She said: “Perhaps you are from al-Koorah where women enter the public baths?” They said: “Yes.” She said: “I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: ‘There is no woman who takes off her clothes anywhere but in her own house, but she has torn (the veil of modesty) between her and Allaah.’” Narrated by the authors of the four Sunans, and its isnaad is saheeh according to the conditions of al-Saheehayn. Tamaam al-Minnah 130). 

    And your second question brother waseem answered.

    May Allah bless you

    • what about when you go to a gynecologist? they check you and i have an embarassing question to ask, i want the answer quickly so i m asking here, please help? please editors don't remove it, i have been seeing images of sex in my dream. yesterday, i saw it,i got a bath as i have heard bath becomes necessary, i don't think i was wet though. I saw it today's like an image for 1,2 secs and not even a clear one. and i wake up. i dont see sex explicitly, just bad images and i m aware in my dream that i m not suppose to see it and i wake up.. and i don't think i m wet,i don't feel any wetness(or maybe i m not aware of it) wha do i do? take a bath again :/

      • A gyncecologist is acceptable because it's a medical necessity, but you should choose a female doctor if possible. As far as the dream, that's natural. If you don't experience any wetness or discharge, then you don't have to take a bath.

        Wael Editor

  3. Salamalaikum,
    If you use a razor take a bit warm water n use soap like people use for beard.Rub a little oil on those areas.
    Some hair removing cream may not suit all try a different one.Wax we can do that but iam not sure that we can go to a saloon for it I mean if we can let others do it underarms we can get it waxed but not our other part.

  4. Why not? If a women dose then what's is the prob? Actually maybe I am wrong but dose any where say? Want to learn right thing. I thought you can if the place is safe as I mentions and I didn't also found that it says you can just general knowledge, when women die other women make shower to her then they see and clean the parts that's why I advice that sister. PlZ do correct me I don't want to suggest or advice wrong .

    • Yes it is mentioned in a Hadith. For men looking at the 'Awrah of women and vise versa, it needs no clarification. But for what you are concerned about, read this:

      Imam Muslim reported on the authority of Ali ibn Abu Talib (Radiyallahu Anhu) that The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, "Man should not look at the awrah of another man, nor the woman to that of another woman..."

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

  5. Personally I trim rather than shave. I use scissors or a beard trimmer, and just trim the hair short. That way there is no skin irritation.

    As far as going to a salon, I have no idea what the procedure is at a salon, but keep in mind that a person's 'awrah is not to be exposed to any one else, male or female, except a spouse.

    Wael Editor

    • if i only trim pubic hairs not shave or wax them, after that can i pray and read quran?

      • As far as I know, trimming is perfectly acceptable. In any case the status of your pubic hair is a matter of hygiene; it does not affect your ability to pray and read Quran. Allah knows best.

        Wael Editor

  6. Salaams,

    I know exactly what you are talking about with the itchiness. The truth is, the level of agitation a lady (or even man, I suppose) would have probably depends a lot on how sensitive your skin is and how coarse the hair is. However, I think no matter how the hair is removed, if it begins to grow back there will be some itching, even if it's minimal.

    A friend of mine uses a lady's electric shaver for this purpose, as well as for use on her legs and underarms. She said that it does a good job of removing the hair adequately and is painless, decreases problems with razor bumps developing etc. I don't know the brand off hand, but she said it was inexpensive and sold in major retail stores. I know that it can be charged in the wall as well.

    I personally have found that the discomfort is minimized if I soak for at least 20 minutes in a bath before attempting any hair removal. In addition, I use a men's razor with no less than 3 blades (my current one has 5 lol). I find that these help with the discomfort, and the itching is only mildly distracting for a day or two. I wouldn't recommend shaving (if you are going to continue using a razor) more frequently than once every two weeks, because removing the hair while it is still pretty short can cause them to become ingrown which can lead to painful pimples!

    I have to confess ignorance on this, but I know the rule about awrahs remaining private amongst the same sex has exceptions for things like visiting a doctor, having a baby, or needing assistance with personal care (such as for those who are elderly or disabled). I am wondering if there can be an exception made for assistance with hair removal via waxing, for the intention of keeping the sunnah. It's not like we are just exposing ourselves to someone else willy nilly for no reason and just to be frivolous.

    -Amy Editor

    • Also, I just want to say that I would rather taking the irritation of itching over the pain of waxing ANY day!

      -Amy Editor

  7. Sister ahh ha I have the answer for u,I went through the same thing as u,and the answer is to shave,then put deodorant on it ! It works notice that u shave your arm pits but they dont itch? Same concept,then after a while your body gets used to it then u won't need it any more

  8. Why not just use hair removing creams that you can find in all drugstores? They need to be left on the skin for 3-5 mins and then you wash it all off. They also have moisturisers in them to leave skin soothed, No cuts, no soaking in the bath wasting time for 20 mins like Sr. Amy, sorry sister...LOL...but I just don't have that luxury of time like it seems you may have. No pain of waxing

  9. assalamualikum !!
    i ws operated 4 appendix so de nurse had 2 clean my private part i fought with her sayin i wont allow her to do but she insisted sayin its a must procedure b4 being operated .. ve i committed a sin ??? nd also as i ws admitted in de hospital at emergency .. dat s bursting stage of de appendix i ws examined nd operated by a male gynecologist .. till date i ve a guilty feelin on being operated by a male .. my family had no other option nor ws i aware or in a situation 2 do anythin !! ll allah swt 4give me .. as i dint do dem intentionally nor did ma parents ..

    • Fathima - As you're case was a medical emergency , it is fine InshaaAllah. Although it is always favorable to request a female doctor / nurse etc. Allah had not made Islam a burden on us, rather He has made it easy for us.
      And Allah knows best.

  10. If you try laser hair removal, you will never have to shave again! And you can keep your underwear on, so you don't have to worry about exposing your private areas to the female technician. A lot of these technicians treat muslim women - arabs, south asians, etc - so they know what our privacy concerns are.

  11. I have been getting myself waxed down there since the past two months because I can’t use razor at all. It makes the hair coarse and it also bruises my skin. Plus, it doesn’t reach intricate areas. Earlier I used creams for hair removal but lately the manufacturers clearly write on the product that they are not to be used on genital regions. Also, I have been using creams since the age of 13 and now I am 28 so my skin down there has become very, very dark. I didn’t know what to do that is why I resorted to getting myself waxed down there. The only reason was to save that area to get more bruised and ugly. I am sure that would be such a huge turn off for my husband when I would get married. My intention was not at all to expose myself to anyone. What do I do in this regard? Can someone please give me a correct answer?

  12. I have been removing my pubic hair since the past five years with cream. It has never troubled me. But Now I have a question, I have been removing my pubic hair to the extent that I could see by myself. . I now realized I have some pubic hair even beyond that. I can't do this part myself! What do you all sisters do? Do you all too just remove till the extent you can see? Coz those hair have never been removed! is this a sin? there's no other way of removing other thn going to the salon. Pleasee help!!!

    • Salaams,

      There are a couple of ways to make sure you "get everything". One way is to use a mirror, so that you can see areas that are not visible to the eye alone.

      Another way is to use touch to feel where you might've missed something. It is quite possible to shave certain areas well by touch and not have to see what you're doing, as long as you're being careful with the razor and going slowly.

      With practice, you will be able to get nearly if not all pubic hair shaved.

      -Amy Editor

  13. Do men really care if we have hair down there? What we women have to do for beauty, so much time consuming and expense.

    • Salaams,

      Shaving is not just to please men. It is a sunnah prescribed for both men and women, described as a way to return to fitra or one's natural state. Men, like women, are to shave their underarms and pubic areas if the want to practice Islam more fully....and personally I think men have to do just as many tricky maneuvers to do so, given their anatomy.

      -Amy Editor

  14. Salam ! Please help me i have been using creams now my halr are coarse n hurt me..i have a trustworthy girl a t parlor cn i ask her to wax my pubic hair

    • Aysha, it's not appropriate to expose your intimate parts to anyone else except for medical necessity.

      Wael Editor

      • Salam,

        i hv a question, i hv lot of hair in my leg, is it sin if i want to remove these by using razor or somehow ? i mean is it sin to remove leg hair ?

        • Salaams,

          I've never heard of any prohibitions against shaving leg hair. This is something common for women to do. If you want to do it, a razor is fine.


  15. Use nair leave it it on for 7 mits and use a little towel rub it off gently and there you go you are done. U have to have alot of hair for order to work.

  16. For female it is necessary to remove pubic hairs whithin 20 days while for male it is 40 days

  17. im 16 years old i have used razor many timees to shave my public hairs but some one told me that its harm... [Editor's note: Please read the information already provided; if you require further advice, please log in and submit your question as a new post for publication - it can then be answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  18. AOA
    sir iam really concerned about the point or level, like from where to start shave the lower part (puic hair). just exact below the naval?? i have hair so little upto 2inches below naval (like chest and hand hairs). after that they are bigger hair. so still i have to shave from naval with little hair???
    please tell me as i dont know eactly

  19. I am reverted Muslim and i to have questions about shaving in the private parts i shaved for years but i don't like to i don't know how to shave like which direction to shave i have been saving like agents the growing direction and i get server ingrown hairs and don't even want to shave because it hurts how can i best shave with less problems and i usto use deodrent but it dosent seam to work for me like it did when i was younger someone please advise me please

  20. i just want to ask one question..its quite embarrasing for me but its really important... Is it right that if pubic hairs become larger than the grain of rice, then whatever food u eat becomes haraam for u? kindly give Hadees evidence plz.... and also tell me that after how many days these hairs should be removed?

  21. what if you miss out on 2-3 hairs, also the hairs you try to shave but you just cant for some reason is it alright to leav that out

  22. Should we remove pubic hair from the anus too and how to?

  23. Hi. My name is Areesha. I am 14 years old. I live in Lahore and am a Sunni Muslim. I desperately want to offer my prayers though my sister and mother say that I cannot unless I get my pubic hair waxed. I do not want to do this due to the reason that it is extremely painful. Although both of them do this as well (what I mean to say is get their pubic hair waxed). I asked them if I could shave it or remove it using some sort of cream but they said that we (i.e. women) are not supposed to use a metallic tool to remove our pubic hair in Islam and I could not use some sort of cream either because it causes diseases and creates problems with your pregnancy. I have cut it with scissors though but I am too frightened to get it waxed or tell them about this. It is not as if we are not an educated family or something. My brother studies abroad and my sister is studying law while my other brother is doing his A-levels in Aitchison College and I myself am going to one of the best and most prestigious schools in this city, Lahore Grammar School Defence Phase-1. I

    • Areesha, your mother is not correct. It's fine for women to trim the hair with scissors. There is no such rule in Islam that women cannot use metallic tools.

      Wael Editor

      • Asalam o alaikum...can u please mention some hadees evidence of not removing pubic hair with rasor or with some metallic body... i heared its haram to use it for women... kindly gve me hadees to prove it that its right for a women to use

        • In Islam we do not look for evidence to prove that something is halal. It is a basic rule of jurisprudence that all things are considered halal by default unless there is a specific prohibition from Quran or Sunnah. Therefore it is the one who says something is haram who must supply evidence to that effect.


  24. Can I use a trimmer instead of a shaver as I find that' shavers irritate and make me feel uncomfortable ?

  25. The best solution for women....have ur husband give u a wax down there. He is the only one who is allowed access to those parts. Who knows it may even spice up ur intimacy and ur married life. Y go to a stranger? It's embarrassing. There is no veil between a woman and her husband so, let him do it. He will feel very special

    • The questioner is 18 years old. It's unlikely that she is married. Secondly, you asked, "why go to a stranger?". In fact it would be haram for a stranger (even another woman) to see one's private area. Lastly, I personally would have found it strange if my wife had asked me to do this.

      Wael Editor

  26. They say every Friday cut ur underarm and public hair or it will affect ur prayers .should we even cut chest hair. I'm only 13

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