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Should I stop praying?

I feel guilty of asking for him in my prayers. Is it haram for me to pray and ask when he is already engaged?

Committed zina, repent and wish to marry the same person

Please, what should I do? I really really wish to marry him and make things right and have a strong islamic future.

I love a girl so much …. but I know I can’t have her

For the first time I am sharing what’s in my heart. I just can’t keep all these emotions in my heart.

His parents won’t let him marry me.

Should I take this as a sign to implement ‘sabr’ and wait it out to see if they end up agreeing, or should I take this as a sign of Allah trying to keep me away from the marriage?

His parents are not ready due to different caste

His parents refused it saying they are Pathans and we are Turks. However my parents are happy for us.

Elope and marrying for internationals

There is no way her family will ever accept us. Even if I convince my parents somehow, there is no way she can do the same because she belongs to an orthodox family where honor killing is still a part of their culture.

My husband is porn addict.

Feels like I am living with a heartless person. With no emotions. No fear of Allah.

Need guidance to take the right decision

I am in a very difficult situation of deciding what to do regarding my marriage and my family.

If someone doesn’t want to get married, would that be ok with God?

I can’t afford to raise a family. Maybe when I’m old. Then again in that age what is the point of getting married?

Istikhara advice

Is this my istikhara telling me this wasn’t the right thing for me? Or should we tell parents and then actually give this a go?