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Permisability of sex with female slaves

Assalam-u-Alaikum!   Kindly reply faster. I am a practicing muslim and want to seek help from your site on this issue. I am confused and want to know in the light of Hadith and Quran, whether it is permissible to keep women as slaves and use them for plaeasure and sex,without marrying them? I have […]

Marital life of Hazrat Yousaf A.S

Is it proved?

Three months of marriage ending….Help!

This is the fourth time they told me to leave the house. They told me things like my father passed away as a punishment from Allah. My husband said things like Allah punished my mother for making a child like myself and took my father away.

We both made Istikhara, but don’t understand the dreams

Aoa, I have a question related to Istikhara. I met a guy last year and we developed a friendship. After that, he said he wanted to marry me and I asked him to send rishta through his parents. While that process is still ongoing, he and I decided to do Istikhara on the same days. […]

Islamic Shariah and Divorce

After two months, there is a meeting with the boy’s parents. They agreed to give a divorce to her as soon as possible at the will of girl, because she never agreed to this relationship. They said the girl has to wait for six months for the divorce, according to rules of law and Islam.

Pregnancy and nikkah.

Salaams, I am currently 8 months pregnant by  my “boyfriend”. I struggled a lot with the decision to keep the baby, but chose to do so as I thought it was islamically and morally the right thing to do. I have my family’s support to keep the baby, but they do not approve of the […]

His parents won’t let him marry me

Both his parents are rejecting it due to the fact that I am not Pakistani. His mother’s reasons are that she doesn’t believe I will understand their culture and she feels as though she won’t be able to connect and communicate with me. I know what will be expected of me as a daughter in law, and I am willing to do it all.

I’m afraid of getting married

I’m a 23 year old girl. I’m muslim, and I’m from pakistan. I have a bad habit of masturbation which damaged my labia minora and ruptured my hymen. Now I’m going to marry and I’m worried about that problem and what my husband will think about that. I belong to a very religious family, and my overall reputation is of an […]

A valid nikkah with no witness but Allah?

AOA, My question is, if two people (male and female) take an oath that they will accept each other as husband and wife and their witness is Allah Talah while they are alone (as Allah is everywhere), is this nikkah possible? I have read that nikkah is not a thing to do behind closed doors, […]

Negative Istikhaara For Marriage.

Her family had no option and agreed for our marriage with the condition that they will do istakhara… it was NEGATIVE. They went to some consultant who said “The girl and boy name does not match either”.