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Can I marry my Muslim boyfriend after converting?

I’m converting, I’m not annulled with my catholic husband but can I remarry? If I get pregnant before marrying can the baby have their father’s name?

Questions about marriage

If I have no interest in someone and my parents ask me to marry them, can I stop it??

I want to get married or should I kill myself?

I really want to get out of here and I have 2 options, 1. Kill myself by overdosing on painkillers or 2. Get married ASAP.

Is it love or just lust?

Every time I found something new about Islam I regretted the fact that I lost someone like him because everything he said was right.

I want to marry my cousin

I am trying to convince my parents – there aren’t any major issue except that they just don’t want me to get married there.

I hate the concept of marriage, and I feel bad for being blessed

How do I deal with my hatred for the traditional concept of marriage, and my fear of bad men/husbands, when I in fact do have a desire to NOT lead a lonely, family-less life?

My wife keeps being unfaithful

Should I divorce her or give her another chance even after she did cheating many time in 10 years marriage?

He said “Divorce” after taking a second wife

He told me that I forced him to divorce me but its not his heart’s intention… But he said since it was said it literally means divorce… He told me that if I accept his terms, he can take me back.

Her wali opposed nikah for non-Islamic reasons

Her family are saying that our Nikah is Haraam… They won’t let her stay with me.

My family are unkind about my husband

Its so upsetting for me to know that my family want to break my relationship with my husband. He has been very good to me Alhamdulillah.