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Urgent help required for divorce

The question I need to do this divorce in the Philippines because it should be registered also at there and in the same time she will not suffer after if she decide to remarry again?

We want to get married and love for the sake of Allah

He is a Pathan, whereas my parents are not. He is not sure whether or not his family will accept me.

My cousin and I want to get married… My parents disapprove

I’m in dire need of advice and we just want to settle down and get married the right way with our parent’s blessing.

Difficulty in searching for pious spouse in Pakistan

What I have observe is piousness is not a criteria in Pakistan and often women, who have proposals, lie about many things and don’t give preference to the Deen of the proposal.

I’m very upset about my husband’s behaviour

Is it wise to stay with my husband and pray for him to get better and caring, loving husband for me or is it wise to take divorce and move on?

If a man recites his own khutaba a nikkah…

… is this nikkah valid or not?

How soon can a Muslim man re-marry?

He wants to immediately marry again.. He is not divorcing the Christian wife but wants to have another Muslim wife.

Is nikah valid if you don’t know about pregnancy?

I had sex with her couple of nights before and on our wedding night as well but we both are not sure when did the pregnancy take place.

Can we get married?

She has been separated and we don’t know where her husband is. We looked everywhere but can’t locate him.

Dream After Istakhara Prayer

My mother asked a pious woman to do istakhara for me. Should I rely on her dream or on what I saw?