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Unbelievers marriages – Are they always sin?

Are unbelievers’ marriages with other unbelievers not valid? (meaning all they can do between them is sins?)

After so long apart, my husband has no real purpose in my life…

However, if we were to get divorced, he would be deported back to Syria, where he could be killed in the war.

How to find a Rishta for an ahmedi boy converted to Muslim???

He is like a son to me… Need your help, if we can get proposals from the muslims who understand…

My husband told me he wants to marry my close friend

I know by Allah he is allowed to have another wife… But he will be with her and then coming to me – How do women deal with that? How can I emotionally cope?

Parents won’t accept my nikah because of my husband’s race.

They told me to forget about my husband because my nikah isn’t valid because they weren’t there… even though I have already certified it with a mufti and maulanaa. My father has a history of domestic violence and recently hit me.

Unhappily married to an older man… feeling trapped.

Our views are worlds apart. As a wife I should love, but I just can’t.

My husband says I’m annoying, but I just want him to appreciate me.

My husband and I have been fighting a lot lately. He hardly ever spends time with me. He never wants to take me out to dinner or the movies or do anything together as husband and wife. Now when I text him and asks “what are you doing? ” “when are you coming home?” Etc he says I’m annoying and I’m getting on his nerves…

Wife does not spend her own money.

Even after three years I do not know her salary. Can I ask her where she spends her money? Can I refuse to give her money?

I can’t understand istikhara dream

I want to marry my cousin. I have seen 3 dreams. I can’t understand these so I need help…

Marriage – destiny or in my hand?

Is marriage in my destiny or in my hand or is it already fixed? I am 28 yr old and still un-married.