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My wife cheats on me

She is cheating, hurting me. I have so many trouble in my life coz her love and sex for others. This trouble is so painful…

I am struck with marriage problems in my life

I was thinking that after 3.5 years of hell maybe I will get good life without any problems.. But again I am facing the same problems…

Marrying my niece

Can I marry her? She is the daughter of my wife’s sister.

Abusing, controlling mother in law, ruined my marriage, my life, I feel dead inside…

She says the worst and evil things as bout her son that i wanna put fingers in my ears and start screaming but obviously i am not allowed to stop her, or say that i am hurt we can’t take your abuse anymore please never do it again. And then when my hubby comes back she flips her face and talks to him so sweetly that i become so shocked on her cleverness.

We want to get married – what problems will we face?

Since she is from different religion, divorced, different country. I am confused what are all the problems in front of me religious wise and family wise…

Do I choose my parents or the man I love?

They are warning me that they will die if I go with him…

Help needed to marry Filipina girl

I love her and she loves me too. She agrees to come to Pakistan and to become Muslim.

Lying to parents…

He thought if he tells truth before marriage, his parents would not agree for marriage so he lied. Is that boy liable? What should he do now?

I want help on my marriage and what should I do to make it better?

I think of going to his place and tell him that I am his wife and I am being hurt by his behavior. But I don’t know how will he react.

I love him but my parents will never approve

My dad is a bit racist… But he won’t look for my best interest if he rejects this guy cause of culture! when Islam doesnt discriminate!