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Should I Get To Know Him?

We don’t live in the same country and I would like to get to know him first before I tell my parents, but how?

Can a married woman who is tortured physically and mentally by husband be accepted?

Her husband was a brutal minded person who restricted her always from offering namaz as he used to rape her forcibly…

Forced Marriage or Run Away?

Is it alright if I run away with him? I mean I know its not right but the situation I am in I just can’t see any other way..

Parents are not willing to marry me of my own choice

I have explained my parents that I’m already 31 and apart from his anger he doesn’t have any bad habit apparently. But my parents don’t even want to investigate and meet their family.

Bangladesh-Pakistan love stories

I am in love with a Pakistani boy, and he loves me too. But my family is forcing me to get married with another boy.

Our parents are keeping us apart

Our parents preferred our studies to our marriage… we can’t sleep at night and they don’t care about our feelings…

Divorced in anger – is it valid?

The imam of the local mosque told me that it depends whether my husband from his heart wanted the divorce or not when he was in the state of extreme anger…?

Two talaqs and a khula – can we reconcile?

In this situation i can do nikkah with the same person 3rd time or is it possible after halalah?

How can we overcome this istikhara?

We both want to marry but the real problem he has done ishtikhara and the outcome is that I am harmful for him and he will suffer a lot because of me…

Caste getting in the way of marriage

I cannot talk to my mum about this as she will not agree as he is not our caste and she thinks I would be too young.