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Should I ask her about her past in detail?

I want to get know about her everything… will it be good for me to get know about her past?

Wife like me but doesn’t love me…

She know me very well from child but she doesn’t love me… she like me as a cousin not husband.

Istikarah dream meaning

Can you please interpret this for me.

My parent will not allow me to marry, is it haram?

My parents deny me of him no matter what. I’m aiming towards marry him with my brother giving me away. Is this acceptable?

Hiding health issues affect marriage in Islam?

Can someone please tell me this will be a reason for marriage to end?

Nikkah After Relation

Now the girl is saying that she does not want to marry that boy…

Marriage proposal – I don’t want to marry him!

My father has asked me to marry his sister’s son…

Parents refusing marriage

Do I keep trying to convince my parents? Or give in and marry someone of their choosing knowing that I will always be wondering what if for the rest of my life and regretting it?

Do I need to call off my marriage?

As a wife, don’t i have the right to ask for a separate home? Am i selfish for willing to live a happy life with my husband? Should i call off this marriage?

Please Help Me! What should I do now to save my marriage?

My wife wants to have sexual intercourse but I don’t…