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I want to marry him but my mother is considering other proposals

I told my mother and brother my istikhara sign but my mother said me that it’s not necessary that if your istikhara is right than that boy will be in your (naseeb).

I’m not attracted to my husband

If I take khula, would it be a sin? Whenever I see him, I feel sad.

I don’t think this marriage is valid

I was a new convert to Islam and I trusted my husband too much and now I see how I foolishly gave up all my Islamic rights to him due to ignorance, cultural values and misguide.

I’m worried about legal issues in my marriage

Is there a chance a 1st wife can file against my husband even though our marriage is legal attested and stamped?

Should I leave?

My husband is totally on his mum’s side and doesn’t care about the effect on me… To them I am a cleaner and cook, nothing else.

Can I require intimacy with my husband as part of our marriage contract?

I will not want to keep fighting my sex drive when I am married, I will want a healthy outlet for it in halal relations with my husband.

I don’t want to lose her

But I am not yet financially or mentally ready for marriage because I am still living with my parents and am only 20 years…

We want to get married

The only thing which is stopping us is that he feels he isn’t financially stable enough to get married.

Emotionally abusive mom

She will never be able to get over this overweight issue, and she will never understand that this life is very short before our bodies are destroyed in the grave. She will always be critical of culinary skills, although our Prophet (S) said that a few bites are more than enough to stand straight.

How can we have a proper nikah?

We took each other as husband and wife. But still I feel guilty for not having proper nikah.