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Getting over a divorce

Throughout the marriage he never told me what he was struggling with and it all came at once. It’s like divorce is nothing to him and he told me he has no feeling for me and everything we had was pretend.

Sisters not willing to give my Christian girlfriend a chance

Her parents have seen for the last year that my sisters are unwilling to give her a chance. She feels unwanted from my family. My father has “approved” of her. She has been so hurt for the last year that she is practically over it.

My father molested me – so how do I marry the man I love?

We want to marry but my family will never say yes. I am in a foster home so it’s hard. We would like to do a nikkah but as I am in a foster home I have no clue what to do.

Marriage Between Christian and Muslim?

According to the Islam, does my family has right to forbid while religion allows us? Is there any sin for me and my family if I break her heart only because she is not arab?

Istikhara Interpretation – Saw Jannah

I had a dream that came the night I asked Allah in prayer if He will make things progress with us for marriage.

How do I propose to her?

I love her a lot. Astagfirullah, even more than Allah s.a.w, may Allah forgive me.

A love relationship and a lost pregnancy without marriage…

One week after converting, I discover I am pregnant. I lost it in the 5th week of pregnancy. I think that happen because we didn’t have marriage. I feel like is my fault. I don’t want to live.

Married for three years, no rukhsati but he wants sex

Now rukhsati is still pending, so it is not possible for me to meet my husband’s sexual desires. I have forced the issue with him several times for rukhsati but he does not agree due to some family issues

He’s had a physical relation with my mother!

He has a physical relation with my mother from last 5 years… My family insist me to marry with him. And I don’t want to.

Want to marry a convert

During our project meetings, I got to know him more and realized what a good and respectful guy he is. He has so much potential in life, and in my eyes he’s very unique. He never approached me outside of our meetings and I always wondered why (since I knew he had a “crush” on me).