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Raped before puberty

Will I be considered impure and my future has gone down the drain?

A question about wedding ceremonies

Is it ok to have on one day boy wedding ceremony and on another day of walima his sister’s wedding?

Wife’s past and trust issue

I still accepted her because I love her and believe everyone can change. But how do I get over that?

Wife Divorced me because of my Anger!!

I realize how rude, harsh and stupid I talked to her. I want to call her and apologize but can not as her family have history of violence, so I do not want them to bother my mom and sis back home.

I am getting a big problem with dad

I am asking him to do my marriage with a girl whom I love but he is not accepting that.

I found out my husband secretly married after our first anniversary…..

I feel he has stolen something from me… my trust, my life. Was he really forced to marry with her? Does he care about me at all?

Marriage Istikhara

I saw good things… my mother saw some good and bad things… another member in my family saw some good and some bad things – what should I do?

I need her to take khula so I can marry the girl I love

It’s been 4 months since I told my uncle that I could not continue nikah till now he did not sent me the khula paper..

I think I don’t love my husband

It’s six years now I still don’t love him. I tried so much, tried to talk with him, go for dates but end up frustrated. there is no spark.

Marriage Advice – should I marry him?

Lately I have been feeling doubts which have been causing me anxiety and I’m not sure if this is an answer to my istikhara?