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My husband is porn addict.

Feels like I am living with a heartless person. With no emotions. No fear of Allah.

Need guidance to take the right decision

I am in a very difficult situation of deciding what to do regarding my marriage and my family.

If someone doesn’t want to get married, would that be ok with God?

I can’t afford to raise a family. Maybe when I’m old. Then again in that age what is the point of getting married?

Istikhara advice

Is this my istikhara telling me this wasn’t the right thing for me? Or should we tell parents and then actually give this a go?

I want to marry my other half but his family won’t accept

His sister told me she and her family would spit on me and would never accept me because of the different culture.

Rejected proposal after istikhara, but now feel extreme regret.

Why is my heart not at ease despite making istikhara? How do I know that I have not accidentally turned down my soulmate?

I got married as a muslim man with a non believing woman

Now she is pregnant… What should I do?

I’m shy to tell my father I want to get married

I want to have someone there for me to protect me. I want someone who I can worship Allah with.

A Valid Marriage?

I fear my father would kill me or disown me and make all my family disown me.

My mother being the dominant one is not agreeing for my choice of marriage

Can my mother force me to marry someone I don’t want to? If I get my father to agree can I marry the guy I want to marry?