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Marriage problem

My mother has refused to do marriage with her but girl’s family is still willing to do and they are waiting for my decision.

Should I lie about my sexuality to my parents?

I just can’t imagine myself with a man and that I should be sexually active with him and bear his children. It just seems not right for me… but I just can’t go to my parents and say that I don’t like men right?

He is engaged to another woman

His mother only wants him to marry her friend’s daughter and refuses to accept me/anyone else. He does not know what to do but wants to keep his mother happy.

I want to save my marriage and my relationship with in-laws from my sister

I want her to stay far far away from my hubby and in-laws. Because she’s good at playing with words I fear she’ll spoil my relations with my in-laws too.

A sexual mistake before marriage?

I know that I made a big mistake and now very shameful in front of Allah. Can anybody tell me is my future marriage going to be destroyed again?

The woman I love is being forced into another marriage

She and her family ended up going to Pakistan under the cover it was a “vacation”, it mutated into a forced marriage trap that has caused stress and depression for everyone.

Painful relationships

I am very much scared like I can’t think or concentrate on anything because of my fear of marriage…

Can we marry without any health problems?

I love my cousin brother’s daughter. We are of same age.

What is the next step?

We both are serious about this leading towards marriage but fear that we are too young… How do love marriages work in Islam?

Marrying in Kuwait

I am still married but have been separated for 6 years. I can’t get a divorce right now. How can I marry my boyfriend?