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A Valid Marriage?

I fear my father would kill me or disown me and make all my family disown me.

My mother being the dominant one is not agreeing for my choice of marriage

Can my mother force me to marry someone I don’t want to? If I get my father to agree can I marry the guy I want to marry?

Need some guidance

I want to know that how can I separate from him when there was no proof of our marriage?

Can a girl make nikah for herself without the consent of her parents/family?

They want to make nikkah but she doesn’t want to tell her parents.


I do not feel happy in my life. I feel like I made the wrong choice when getting married…


I feel that I can no longer contain myself after holding my emotions for so long.

Should I marry my Pakistani Muslim boyfriend?

Is this a small price to pay to spend my life with the man I love? He thinks I am making a big deal for nothing, but I am very aware that this decision is for life.

My dad won’t let me marry him just because he is pakistani.

Will Allah punish me for marrying the pakistani as it will lead to my dad cutting ties with me?

Afraid of istikhara

If it goes negative will I not be able to marry him?

Istikhara dream – does this mean I can’t be with her?

It makes me incredibly sad that I think I can’t be with someone I love and it’s giving me a lot of anxiety…