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High Sexual Drive – What to do?

I realised “fasting” to stop sexual desires according to hadith but the problem is that I am not allowed to fasting due to my health problems and doctor has recommended me not to fasting. I don’t want to see “marriage” is the way out.

We want to get married

The girl is saying for me to come and do nikkah.

The guy I love wants sex before marriage

I was heartbroken when he said that he wants to leave me because now that I have been physical with him I feel like I must marry him and I belong to him. So I cried and begged him to be with me and promised I won’t ever interfere in his bad habits like drinking, cursing, smoking or sleeping with other girls.

Frustrated about loving him from afar

Is it haram to tell him how I feel about him?

Was our nikah legal or not?

As you can understand, me or my husband didn’t read anything from the koran or make any dua (of course now we are doing that), but probably the imam did (I don’t know that). Can we still read something with the meaning it is for our nikah?

boy has cat eyes

                    I want to marry a boy, but there is a little problem. I heard that boys who have cat eyes will not be good for a girl’s family members. The boy who I am going to marry has cat eyes, please tell me if it’s true or not. […]

Valid Islamic marriage

If an adult boy and an adult girl say ‘qubool hai’ in front of 2 sane witnesses without any Quazi, meher or wali, then is this nikah valid? Please say confirm an answer according to islam. -Taeba

He is Muslim but his family is still Christian…

… Does that mean I’m not allowed to marry him?

Please make du’a for me?

I will be getting married in a couple of months in sha Allah. Please make du’a for me for the baraka and blessings of marriage.

What does Islam say about long term separation from spouse?

Before he left he never said anything about staying this long… He sends monthly upkeep to my son and I but he has never come home in these 4 yrs.