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Dua for marrying a girl whom I love

I want you to give me a dua, that she be mine forever and that her parents would agree for our marriage.

Ready for marriage but still single

I’v always wanted to be married by 24, however I just can’t find the right person. Do you have any suggestions? Any wazifas for marriage?

Can I marry her once she divorces my friend?

If she do get divorced, I would like to spend my life with her and her daughter. But i’m so torn between the guilt of being in this relation with my friend’s wife and wanting to spend my life with the girl i feel is so compatible with me.

Can they do nikah?

Can a man do nikah with his uncle’s wife after talaq or widow?

Can they get married?

My friend fall in love with his step niece and both of them want to marry with each other.

Second marriage to a reverted woman in Islam

I love her too more than my wife… She wants to marry me and she will apply her annulment to her husband after reverting to Islam but she was already only separated from him.

Mother won’t approve this marriage

My father has approved of him but my mother has not because of his tribe.

Parents’ disapproval of a pious girl

My parents are not agreeing as they are saying this will totally dishonor them in our society/community if I marry a woman of such low lineage/race.

Marriage, dowry, and on the wedding night…

I would like to know few answers on questions about marriage…

Urgent help required for divorce

The question I need to do this divorce in the Philippines because it should be registered also at there and in the same time she will not suffer after if she decide to remarry again?