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Relationship nightmare – he forgot to mention he was married!

If he does not want to be with his wife, he should divorce her and if he does not want to be with me, he should divorce me! At this stage I just want a resolution.

I can’t bear the knowledge that my husband will have hoor al ayn

Seriously I can’t even make dua for paradise for my husband or daughter. I even prefer that I did not exist at all.

Love him but he is not religious

He said he will try to learn and change but somehow i have this annoying feeling that won’t go away that he might not be the one.

Frustrated and worried

My husband is not sexually well… he smokes sheesha… he sits all day home and fights on the silly things.

Husband blames me for mother’s passing

I tried desperately to be there for him but instead he told me to get lost and said it was all my fault, I was to blame for her passing and he would never forgive me nor would he compromise for me or our son.

Marriage decided by parents

What would be the law if he goes against the parent’s wishes? Is it a great sin?

Can a divorced women marry brother of her Ex Husband?

I heard of such incident so I want to know the fact.

Who can give a woman in marriage?

Is it possible for a woman to nominate someone else to give her out in marriage because she thinks her parent may not accept the proposed man?

Brother will never accept the person I want to marry

One day my brother caught me talking to him and he went crazy and told me he will never accept him…

Online Nikkah?

I don’t want to delay my nikkah…