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Advice about marriage and sickle cell

Medically it is not advisable for us to get married together. We are both scared not to have sickle cell kids in future.

I am muslim boy who wants to marry a Hindu girl – please help.

I know she just want to be muslim just for me, please guide me what should I do? I will marry with her in court.

I married the wrong man. What should I do?

Our lives are already over because we made a mistake…

Confused after marriage

When I talk to married sisters, its as though – this cycle never ends and its a norm. But this is not a norm I want to accept for my life.

Does Allah reveal the truth one day?

I just want his mother’s lie would be revealed. Does Allah punish them for doing such things to me and my family?

I want to feel connected to Allah!

I wish I could find it as easy as the boy I love to not speak and just be so connected with Allah. Everytime i want to cry to Allah, i feel he must hate me!

Should i marry this muslim man with gender dysphoria? Islamic view point?

Will I be completing his Deen or doing a good deed helping him fight shaytaan? Should I involve parents? Should I end this?

Halal or Haram? Divorce and Remarry issue.

I’ll be rukhsat in the end of December and I’m still confused is our nikah valid? i’m scared of losing him.

Marriage not working in 3 months

I don’t know what steps to take to save my sanity, my marriage and my relationship with my family.

How can we find nikah partner(s)?

Why is it so hard to find a muslimah to marry?