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I don’t understand the method of liking someone for marriage in Islam

If a person have deficiency or is disabled then there are 90% chances they would not be accepted by a normal person. But there are stories about such people finding beautiful and caring partners…

Complications in marriage even after istikhara

I want to get married but I don’t know if he is the guy. Although he loves me a lot I sometimes think he will not support me when I will need him.

Relationship Before Marriage

I am an 18 year old girl who has somehow found herself in a relationship with a 42 year old man.

Marrying a girl of scripture

Do I have to ask her to convert? Can my parents force me to leave her?

He is a good person but my parents can not understand

I know I would not be be to marry anyone else but I know I can’t live with my parents being upset with me.

Is it worth it getting married?

When I witness or hear couples that are married, it makes me not want to get married.

I feel that I lied to my mother

I have proposed to a girl…. I see no reason why this girl should be penalised for what her own mother has done in the past.

Considering a divorced man with a kid

I’m praying istikhara and I am not feeling good about it… My friend is telling me if I take all this negative feel thing into account, I may not be able to achieve religious benefits.

Marrying cousin who goes to scholar for making decision

I know if she is not married to me, she will be married only to one who believes in this scholar & she can’t never escape the hell…

Marrying a Man who Committed Zina.

Can I marry a man who had commited zina with somonone else in the past ? Is the Nikkah will be Halal ?