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I really love her, she is not practicing, can I change her? Should I marry her?

I felt I’ll never find someone like her again, but her lack of faith and practicing in Islam really scares me. Is there any chance in marrying her and guiding her on to the right path?

She broke off our engagement – now her family are going after my reputation

So after breaking my heart they went after my reputation… what does Islam say about such deception and after breaking my heart trying to discredit me?

A Question about Spouse Selection

When looking for a wife, how should I balance between piety and beauty (piety is more important to me than beauty, but I do prefer some beauty)? What type of woman should I get married to? Is it okay for me to make Du’a to Allah for a wife who is not only pious but also beautiful?

My complexion makes me undeserving of happiness and love

Now all my cousins are getting married. I don’t know whether anyone will ever accept me, because everyone wants beautiful girl in my south asian society. Considering the fact that throughout my whole life many people made me realize that I am not beautiful, I don’t think I’ll ever get married!

female interested in male, instead of other way around

I’m 16 and I’m interested in this man who is always in the masjid praying, reading Quran, etc. Other than that I don’t know him, and only talk to him when I’m giving salaams etc. He seems like a really nice person, and I would like to know if he is interested in me, too. I […]

Supplication for money to get married

Peace be unto you all, I don’t have money but by God I want to get married because I’m 31 years old now. I don’t want to do zina because it’s prohibited by God. Is there any way for me to get help, or a supplication/prayer so that I can get the money or work […]

Should I be worried about my son?

Ever since he was 15 he always told me he is asexual and has no use for marriage or a girl in his life, and he would by no means be able to give her what very religious men would. Other than that, he is a complete loner. He stays in his room for the most part and only during dinner time does he talk to me and his dad- just like ‘how was your day’ and that kind of thing.

How do we move on from his infidelity?

I am having a very hard time to forget and forgive and move on. I thought about divorce but it is not an option because he is related to me.

Feeling hopeless about marriage

I can’t find a partner for myself at all even though I have done many wazifas and prayed a lot. Though I have had proposals, but nothing seems to eventually work out.

My wife had sex with her Hindu boyfriend

Once I came to know so, I asked her and she confessed everything and now she is sorry and wants to stay with me but I can’t …I want to forgive her and stay with her but in my mind all the things keep coming up.