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Marriage problem

I am not happy with my husband and my inlaws were never kind with me.

Forgiving her past and accepting her for who she is

Are there any strong brothers who are okay with marrying such a person? Is there a way to completely eradicate the thoughts of her past misdeed from my head?

Getting married early, but don’t want to fall pregnant until I complete my education?

My parents are okay with me getting married soon but I’m not. I’m shaking as I type this. I’m afraid he’ll want to have *** and I’ll fall pregnant.

Is he playing games with me and only wants to use me?

I want to know if I should trust his words or he is only deceiving me with wanting marriage and a family with me for the simple purpose of sex?

Can a muslim girl marry a muslim boy 4 years younger?

He is working in US. He is 30 years old. And he was already married for four months then divorced.

Remarriage of a divorced women in Islam

Please can you help me to know how I can marry that man without the consent of my father as someone told me that without consent of father I can’t marry?

I tried to do the right thing…

I kept on trying to make her understand that I want this relationship in the purest manner, but she was unable to understand saying that after her childhood I was her only hope for a good future, and I took it all away from her.

Want to marry a Muslim man but I’m scared

And if one day he wants me to go to his country how can I protect myself of being treat as a slave and kept there as a prisoner?

I miss him every single day

His face is haunting me every moment.

Can we do two Nikkahs?

In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?