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Can I marry an older, non-Muslim divorcee?

I am 23 year Muslim boy and since 7 months I am in love relation with a 33 year old non Muslim divorced girl.

I still miss my ex husband dearly

So what should I do to love my husband and how can I forget my ex? I am afraid I will spend the rest of my life thinking of my ex.

How can we convince his parents to accept our marriage?

His parents are not happy and not accepting despite knowing that I will be converting and embrace Islam… I am confused and in the same time felt I have been judged even before they actually know me.

Engaged to an Imam but feeling uncomfortable about marriage conditions

One condition I requested was no other wives – he agreed. Then he oddly went into a conversation about maybe needing to work in a different country and I may not be able to go with him, and that when he is home he wants physical intimacy once every seven days, and doesn’t want kids for three years.

I’m being forced to marry my cousin

They’re shoving marriage down my throat at the age of 17…

I have to decide between two proposals…

I don’t rely on my own decision making because I have made some not-so-great decisions in the past.

Confused – why won’t they accept me?

I want to marry her… but she always says her family will never agree for me.

Did our previous acts cause our negative istikhara?

I have been in love with a man for the past six years… I only reverted to Islam recently. He performed istikhara to see if we can be together in the future in a pure and proper way.

Should I just give up on marriage and a family?

Nobody is accepting proposals as my family is hindu. I want to have a muslim family of my own but it seems impossible.

Our sex life is compromised

We both are not getting attracted to each other, we do not feel any urge.