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Marrying a Man who Committed Zina.

Can I marry a man who had commited zina with somonone else in the past ? Is the Nikkah will be Halal ?

My boyfriend married someone else, what do I do?

He told me, if i wanted to go i can leave him! But i cant! I love him so much! He told me to marry him and be his second wife! But i just cant accept that!

Secret Nikkah!

Was me having my Nikkah with him in my kismet? I don’t want to leave my family and I don’t want to leave my husband.

Confusion between two marriage proposals

What should my next step be? How should I perform istikhara? Taking whom into consideration?

Should I live my life with such a liar?

I found she was talking countless boys on facebook and viber…. and all went to some kinda relationship.

I’m in a loveless marriage since day one

It got to the point where we go for days without talking to each other, he even got abusive once and I was left bruised. I hate living with him.


This time I got married to the right guy and it was not love marriage but it ended very bad. Now what do I do with my life?

Is marriage mandatory if you’ve had illegal sex?

Can I just leave her? Because obviously she won’t forgive me.

Marriage Complications

I am facing some drastic problem in my married life at this moment regarding both my first and second husbands.

Should he marry her or find another?

He found out that the girl has slept with the mutual friend about twice. Has confronted her and she swears that she is still a virgin.