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Constant stress and anxiety

I can’t continue to live with so much anxiety and stress, so constantly. I’m tired. I’m getting sad. I’m scared…

Rejecting His Proposal Was A Huge Mistake

When my parents asked me whether I agree to the proposal or not, the only answer that came from within me was ” No”. Since that day I have been regretting it and praying harder for Him to come back.

Abusing, controlling mother in law, ruined my marriage, my life, I feel dead inside…

She says the worst and evil things as bout her son that i wanna put fingers in my ears and start screaming but obviously i am not allowed to stop her, or say that i am hurt we can’t take your abuse anymore please never do it again. And then when my hubby comes back she flips her face and talks to him so sweetly that i become so shocked on her cleverness.

My past is making me sick!

We have moved into a new house where I’m surrounded by people in this new area that knew (and I’m afraid will choose to not forget) about the things I did. I lose sleep. I look at my husband and feel guilty. I just want to cry all the time.

I need help with my life

I feel empty now and I don’t wanna study. I just don’t feel like doing anything, though I know I have to since it’s my last chance of having a good life.

Where are my duas going?

Yesterday I came to know that I did not get selected for the defense forces due to unknown reasons. Can you only imagine how I feel right now? Can you only imagine? Can you imagine how intense waswasas of shaytan I am fighting now regarding my Iman and trust on Allah and duas?

My mother-in-law uses abusive language and mentally harasses me.

I want my husband to give me a separate house and privacy, because everyday I feel I am doing sin as my brothers in law are always in the hall and the house is very small that I have to face them. My question is, what does islam says about the mother in law and her rights on the daughter in law? My mother in law says she and my father in law are first, and then my husband.

I feel like killing myself all the time

Asslam walaykum. I used to be a very diligent student who did really well at school. I was doing Ok until I had to take a board exam. I kept delaying this exam for the fear of failing and the hope that I could do better. I have been studying for a very long time, […]

Too restless and stressed to pray regularly

Long story short, I want to be that way I was when I was happy. I know that I should pray and ask Allah to ease my worries, but I am not able to attain tranquility in salah. Can anybody suggest to me one of the best duas that I can recite?

What kind of pills should I take to forget the past?

If we take any pills or other things like jaributian, which takes our memory safely, will that be a sin? Even if those are halal? And what if I take something which has side affects which can cause coma or loss of life unintentionally? I mean, if we don’t have the ‘neeyat’ of harming ourselves but accidentally we harm our self or lose our life, would it be considered suicide?