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Please help me

Can someone tell me the solution please?

Forced into marriage by my parents

I told my parents I don’t want to marry… but just that wasn’t an enough reason. They’re saying “if you dare say to anyone that you’re being forced…”

Loving Someone in a wrong time

I would like to share my story and be enlightened with advice…

My friend is not a virgin anymore, how should I react?

I’m scared to do the same and I’m scared that she is going to tell me more about her intercourse…

My Husband is different after marriage

I want to fix things but I am losing hope as his behaviour becomes worse each day.

He won’t ask his parents and my parents won’t wait for me to get married

My parents have given me a warning that by the end of this year they will get me hooked with any proposal they get.

I was forced into an engagement by blackmailing…

I don’t want this, I never agreed to it even and they simply forced me into it… Now engagement is done and I am in a bad condition and on medication in hospital due to heavy depression and stress.

Living in Constant Fear…. How do I overcome this?

I find it so hard to stand up for myself. I’m always scared…

I need her to take khula so I can marry the girl I love

It’s been 4 months since I told my uncle that I could not continue nikah till now he did not sent me the khula paper..

Doubts and negative thoughts

Sometimes I feel like ending up my life but I’m very afraid to do it as I knew the severe punishment of suicide in the hereafter.