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Call the Pound, the Watchdog is Out of Control

Solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs more than a few cheap tricks

By Shaden Mohamed for
August 2006

The watchdog in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is out of control

While interviewing Palestinian Officials visiting Sydney, Australia in July, I realised two things:

  1. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict had not only reached it's boiling point, but had now blown the lid right off the cooking pot.

  2. That lobbying nations OTHER than the United States had now become the primary objective of every capable Palestinian diplomat.

The well-spoken Professor Bernard Sabella, currently elected to the Palestinian Parliament in 2006, spoke of his trip to Sydney and the attempts he and the Palestinian Ambassador had made in appealing to the Australian Government for assistance.

"Food, water, medical supplies, basic amenities, transport... all required in the Gaza.... all aid has been blocked from reaching the desperate Palestinians," he said, optimistic that his efforts in Sydney would not go in vain.

Australia's Failures

While I encouraged their lobbying of Australia for support, I was somewhat sceptical that Australia (or any of the United State's allies) would ever be powerful enough to influence change of any sort. Uncle Sam says 'jump', and John Howard (the mistake on everyone's voting ballot), says 'How High?' While Australia's population is relatively small compared to other Players, we still enjoy some of the best freedoms and democratic rights in the world. Shouldn't we then use this power as citizens to influence change? Or at the very least pressure the direction of decisions which are otherwise made without consulting us?

As I watch people rally and gather around Government Houses in the Middle East, despite risk of imprisonment or even death, I know that power will never belong to the people - here or in any other country. That we in Australia are in fact as politically oppressed as those in the Middle East.

Rather than throw our protesters in prison, however, our Government simply ignores them. Rather than take our REAL Politicians (as few as they may be) seriously, a 15-year-old indiscretion is mysteriously leaked to the Media in an attempt to publicly humiliate them and thus discredit anything they have to say. Rather than physically torture those who demand change, they'll throw 10 years worth of application forms at them, ask that they be completed, and then tell them to wait in line. Quite frankly, I'm not sure which is worse!

What's the Solution?

So what's the solution? According to the Palestinian Ambassador in Sydney, Dr. Izzat Abdel Hady, change can only occur when democratic nations unite under one banner, and enforce the rulings of the Geneva Convention and the United Nations.

"Shaden, what is happening to the Palestinians is a clear transgression against Humanitarian Policies and a breach of International Law," he said without hesitation, noting that Islamic Countries have the same obligations (if not more so) to assist the Palestinians and the Israelis reach a peace agreement. When the Middle East turns a blind eye, it's the same as watching a neighbour's house burn to the ground. If the Fire Brigade don't get there on time, for God's sake, go next door and help extinguish the flames!

Sadly, Israel refuses to share the power under ONE state with the Palestinians (even though this would greatly benefit Israel, perhaps more so than Palestine).

What about TWO independent states? Well Israel doesn't mind, so long as every cubic inch of land is signed over.

How about a land which is Holy, and can not belong to any one group? All the paperwork and contracts in the White House will never make this so.

Every Muslim, Christian and Jewish person has the right to visit the Holy Land. Some of the most important events in history unfolded on that very soil. Soil which is now soaked with blood, violence and destruction. Should we turn our backs as both Israelis and Palestinians slowly annihilate one another on the very land where their Prophets once stood?

Playing Favourites

Who is to blame? Each side is concerned about the future of their OWN people and - as proven many a time in the decades of war with each other - each side will do what they must to protect their own interests. This violent sibling rivalry needs fair, parental intervention.

In this case, however, Daddy Sam.. or should I say, Uncle Sam, is playing favourites. Take for instance when the Israelis imprison a couple dozen politicians under the guise of "protecting the Nation from terrorism." They receive no reprimand from the States. Whereas a small group of resistance fighters kidnap ONE Israeli soldier, and 1.3 MILLION Palestinians are punished for it. 'Starve their women and children to stop the resistance' kind of tactic. Ironically, this inhumane act is causing the opposite reaction. As the Professor says, "If people are desperate and have nothing to lose, then how else do you expect them to act?"

Well I can tell you now, if someone was to deprive me of chipsy bel shata wel lamoon (chilli and lemon flavoured chips), let alone my home, my family and my very livelihood, I'd be an unpredictable, crazy woman!

Refusing to help the Palestinians is one thing, but stopping anyone else from assisting them too! Now tell me, where is the justice in that? WHERE is the World's so-called 'Watch Dog' while all of this is taking place? I'll tell you where - playing golf on the Ranch with Johnny Howard....

Shaden Mohamed is in her 20's. Of Egyptian background, she was born and bred in Sydney, Australia, where she attained a degree in Media & Communications. As an accomplished writer, Shaden has a passion for educating and informing others in her community on the beauty of her culture. "My dream is to inspire people with my writing because I believe that literature is the most beautiful form of expression."

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