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Reprinted from BBC Online, Wednesday, 8 October, 2003

Habib Miyan lives in one of Jaipur, India's poorest neighbourhoods - he's drawn a pension for 65 years and is 132 years old.

His tales of ancient times draw many listeners.

Watched by relatives, he receives his monthly pension of 1,900 rupees ($40).

Habib Miyan is booked to make the journey to Mecca in December - paid for by a BBC News Online reader.

Examining his new prayer cap - part of many purchases for the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

Habib Miyan with his great-great grandson - the old man has lived through five generations.

Praying to repay a stranger's kindness, thousands of miles away.

Habib Miyan enjoys a breather before embarking on his dream of a lifetime.

Habib's Story

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