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Quiz for Non-Muslims: "Who are the Muslims?"

This fifteen-question quiz is designed to explore your knowledge of Islam and Muslims: how many Muslims are there in the world and in America, what do they believe, and what do they want or expect from the rest of the world? If you don't know an answer, guess. For each question, check the answer you think is correct. In-depth answers are provided at the end of the quiz.

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1. What is the world’s Muslim population?
100 million
1.3 billion
4.5 billion

2. What is the most populous Muslim country?
Saudi Arabia

3. Who is Allah?
Allah is the ancient Semitic moon-god.
Allah is the god of the Muslims.
Allah is the Arabic name for God, the Supreme Being and Creator.

4. The most fundamental precept of Islamic belief is:
All non-Muslims are infidels who should be killed.
The worship of God alone.
The brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind.

5. Who wrote the Qur’an?
The Prophet Muhammad.
No human being wrote it because it is the word of God.
A famous Arabic poet named Rumi.

6. Islamic Law, or Shari’ah, is based upon:
The Qur’an and the Sunnah (actions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad).
The fatwas or religious rulings of Muslim leaders such as Ayatollah Khomeini.
Arab tribal and cultural traditions.

7. The Prophet Muhammad was born in the Christian year:
300 B.C. in Arabia.
570 in Arabia.
1897 in Bold Springs, Georgia.

8. What do Muslims believe about Jesus?
He was an honored Prophet and Messenger of God.
He was a blasphemer who claimed to be the Son of God.
Muslims have no opinion about Jesus one way or another.

9. How do Muslims feel about Christians and Jews?
They are the natural enemies of Islam, and Muslims must always fight them through jihad.
They are not necessarily enemies, but they are always trying to impose their political will on Muslims.
They are people who follow God’s Messengers and share a common religious heritage with Muslims.

10. What is the Islamic stand on terrorism?
It is totally contrary to all Islamic principles of justice, compassion and decency.
It is necessary at times in order to defend Muslims lands and people.
It is a useful strategy in the Islamic campaign to dominate the world.

11. Some Islamic moral principles are:
Honoring our ancestors by lighting candles and chanting.
Bathing in the Ganges River at least once in a lifetime to purify our sins.
Prayer, fasting, charity, practicing justice and brotherhood.

12. What is the status of women in Islam?
Women are not allowed to speak to non-Muslim men.
The oppression of women in Islam is a real problem.
Islam gives women important rights and freedoms.

13. How many Muslims are there in the United States?
Half a million.
Over two million.
Approximately ten million.

14. When did the first Muslims arrive in America?
In the 12th century.
In the 16th century as slaves.
In the late 1800’s as immigrants from Lebanon and Syria.

15. What do Muslims in America want or expect from their non-Muslim neighbors?
Muslims see non-Muslims as being “unclean” and do not like to mix with them.
Muslims want to contribute politically, economically and socially, and to build happy and safe lives for themselves and those around them.
Muslims are secretly plotting to take over the United States, or to destroy it.

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