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April 2000:

Should Husbands do Household Chores?

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   Should husbands do household chores?

Yes, definitely


Should be split 50-50


Only if both spouses work


No, that's a woman's job

Total Votes Cast: 1019

Over 1,000 votes were cast.  Surprisingly, the choices, "Yes, definitely" and "No, that's a woman's job" both drew the most votes, with each choice getting about 33 percent of the votes. Strangely enough, most of the written comments favor sharing the chores, or the husband at least helping. For some reason the ones who felt that it is a woman's job didn't have much to say. Perhaps they realized their position is indefensible!

These are some of your comments:


"I think that the position between husband and wife should be equal based by syariah Islam."

"Housewives are helping their mates by doing chores but if both work he should help."

"Follow Islam not Culture."

"Aisha (ra) narrates: 'Allah's Messenger used to patch his sandals, sew his garment and conduct himself at home as anyone of you does in his house. He was a human being, searching his garment for lice, milking his sheep, and doing his own chores.' Source : Tirmidhi 5822"

"The Prophet (SAWS) helped his wives with chores. You should be an example of him."

"It is a sunnah to do youre own kidmut."

"I think men should do some work but the women should help."

"Women especially in the western world should tie to her Islam and stay home for her benefit and honors."

"Men should do household chores. Men and women should have equal rights. It is not fair for a man to expect a women to do domestic work and sit around."

"I don't see why not, it's certainly not a woman's job, it's everyone's job."

"As per today's society is concerned every body has his own choice wheather wife working or not ,some helps some not."

"The choices are very narrow. Why split them 50-50? Why not help when you have time? It is necessary to cooperate with the wife and help her."

"Allah gave men two hands, pair of eyes and brain-enough to take care of work at home. What's more he did not forbid it. The rest is all our stereotype"

"I believe it makes a relationship stronger and sets example to children too."

"Household chores vary; there are those more suitable to be done by husbands anyway (taking out trash ). Besides, even Rasulullah does household chores!"

"This one is also mine, & both ways the wife works whether in or out because she takes care of the kids so you should ALWAYS split the chores."

"I feel that a husband and wife should split the chores 50/50, because I have been at home with my children and I have also been an full time employee."

"Household job are responsibility of both the spouses. Both should try to share everything that is sharable. This build love and understanding."

"Because the married couple must be helpful when the wife is sick husband must respect them not like some husbands want every time be a boss."

"In my culture, most women work in (clean, cook, wash, iron, kids, study, etc...) & out. Men only out. Is it true: Men have more stamina to endure?!"

"It's fair to split 50-50, good for partnership between husband & wife."

"It should not be a regular feature, but at times, like during illness, delivery, etc., it should be done. Besides, it is a matter of good behaviour."

"Our prophet SAS did household even he had many wifes."

"The Holy Prophet assisted his family in chores. I feel that it helps the entire family appreciate what they all have."

"Both share everything. If a man works and a wife does not its not justice to ask him to work both in and outside while the wife works only in the home."

"The Messenger of Allah (saws), with all he had to do, still used to help with the chores."

"If the wife stays at home and the husband goes out to work, the wife should be responsible for undertaking the household chores. It is only fair."

"The best example to be followed is of our beloved prophet."

"If anybody gives me a proof that this is a woman's job, I'll vote that men don't have to do them. Mercy is above everything. Please study Islam well."

"If both spouses work, that means they 've to share all life issues. other wise its entirely wife mission."

"It's not only the wives who live in the house and get things messy. Everyone, including children, should have chores."

"You only have to read about Rasulallah's example to know this!"

"Obviously the mother/wife is human being and needs change of the situation for sometimes therefore the husband should be reasonably there for her."

"If the wife works, he could help out by taking care of the kids on weekends, to give her some time to herself. Kids are exhausting!"

"I always try to help my wife but I can't help feeling it's not really my job. Cultural bias, I guess."

"Not necessarily 50-50. Depends on who works, and how much. If the husband works full time and the wife stays home, then he should pitch in on weekends."

"It's true that it's not fair to let women do all the house hold chores but i think husband should share only if both are working."

"Marriage life should lead with mutual understanding and it's the moral duties of both husband & wife to take care of each other and share their work."

"If Mercy & Love were above everything, life would have been better (This is Islam); Courts would be empty. Lawyers would be unemployed."

"With this fast moving world and tough life, both sexes should help each other in every aspect."

"Well when you split it up, both husband and wife would feel the sense of responsibility."

"Yes, so as to ease the wife's burden. She can spend more quality time with her family."

"A husband should definitely perform household chores, especially if his wife is also working. He should help with the children; he should help with the house."

"Those who say it's a woman's job are a living in a prehistoric world." - Fatih Ayalp

"Nowadays,women work in & out to contribute to expenses. Men,only out. Is this fair in Islam?If men are 1/4 of our Prophet, life will be paradise."

"The Holy Prophet assisted his family in chores. I feel that it helps the entire family appreciate what they all have."

Thanks everyone for your great input.

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