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Chickpea and Sesame Dip
(Hummus bi Tahina)

This is a classic Arab dish, delicious for breakfast, as a lunch or dinner appetizer, or anytime as a snack.


125 g (4 oz) chickpeas, soaked for a few hours
juice of 2 lemons
3 Tbs. tahina
2 garlic cloves, crushed


1 Tbs. olive oil
1 tsp. paprika
a few sprigs of parsley, finely chopped
Drain the chickpeas and simmer in fresh water for about an hour or until tender. Reserve the cooking water.

Process the chickpeas in a blender (or food processor) with the lemon juice, tahina, garlic, salt and enough of the cooking liquid to obtain a soft creamy consistency.

Serve on a flat plate, garnished with a dribble of olive oil, a dusting of paprika and a little parsley.

Serve with warm pita bread for dipping. Serves 4-6.


Say Bismillah and eat!

From "Mediterranean Cookery" by Claudia Roden

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