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Hassan and Fatima's Islamic Wedding Photos
from South Africa

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These photos were sent by the bride, Fatima Bibi Bedir, who wrote:

My name is Fatima, from South Africa, and I have just been on your website. How refreshing! I was amazed at all the information - especially you Egyptian articles!

I am a South African, Indian, and I got married to a man from Egypt in April 2004 - Hassan Bedir. We visited my in-laws in December and it was an experience of a lifetime. I wish I had your tips on dining at egyptians then.

Attached are some of our wedding pictures. The way we met is that my cousin and my husband friends mother arranged for us to meet at her place. We exchanged telephone number and only started communicating about a month after we met. He than proposed and I accepted.

We got engaged on 28 Nov 2003 and married on 9 April 2004. Our wedding was a beautiful family culture clash - Indian and Egyptian! It was the wedding of the year for our small community in Klerksdorp, South Africa. Our nikah was after Jumuah Salaah, thereafter the reception and that night was the Walimah.

We married more than a year now and I am still learning. It is a big challenge blending two cultures - the secret lies in mutual respect of each others cultures and not forcing your beliefs onto your spouse. Honesty, dedication and communication is also vital. When all of that is in place, love is a given! As long as your religion is the the same, culture is a matter of accomodating.

You website is exhilirating, keep it up!


Fatima Bibi Bedir