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Javed and Fatiha's Wedding Photos

Fatiha has henna applied to her feet,

Javed and his bride Fatiha.

Fatiha has henna applied to her feet.

Drinking some Moroccan coffee.

Javed and his bride Fatiha.

Family and friends at Javed and Fatiha's wedding.

Brother Javed writes:

Assalaamo Alaikum.
I am forwarding pics for weddingpics page. Our wedding was held in March 2002, in Morocco. I went from New York, as I am a US citizen, to Marrakech, Morocco. The Islamic (Moroccan) ceremony was held at Fatiha's house. I wanted a simple event, therefore, only the family members participated. It was an international event. I went from New York. My brother came from Denmark. My best friend came from Paris/France and two of my cousins came from London, England. We all had great time, Alhamdo-lillah. Moroccan people are very nice, friendly and simple. And I like them. We offered Jumaa (Friday) prayers at Masjid Qutubia near Jamaa-al-Fana.

I wish all Muslims, who are trying to get married, peace and happiness and a lot of good luck. May Allah bless us all. Thank you for sharing this on your website.

Allah Hafiz, Javed & Fatiha