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Photographs by Cynthia Becker, University of St. Thomas
Reprinted from Moroccan Caravan

The Tafilalet is the largest Saharan oasis of Morocco, in the southeastern part of the country. Tafilalet is noted for its dates, most of which it exports. It has tanning and handicraft industries, and its main trading centre is Erfoud at the base of Mount Erfoud. The inhabitants are primarily Muslim Berbers.

Ait Khabbash bride
In the Tafilalet, an Ait Khabbash (a clan of the Ait Atta) bride covers her face with a red silk scarf for three days during the marriage ceremony. Only the groom is allowed to see her face, and the bride stays in a tent during this three day period.

The red silk cloth covering a bride's face is adorned with silver jewelry. This woman had her hands elaborately decorated with henna, a natural plant dye that is believed to have divine blessings.

Bride with henna hands and hat

Men play barrel drums at the wedding festival
These men from the Tafilalet are playing large barrel drums called ginga and tgingat. The music they play probably has origins in sub-Saharan Africa.

This photo was taken at the yearly festival mentioned above. Men circle a tent three times and play music in order to mark the beginning of the festival.

Men play drums at the wedding festival


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