Muslim Matrimonials and More's Ask Bilqis




Bilqis was born Sept. 12, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a Christian family. She attended Philadelphia public schools until sixth grade. From seventh grade through high school she attended Catholic school and graduated from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan in 1972. Upon graduation from college she received a B.A. in History and Education and Teaching Certification for secondary level education.

She first became aware of Islam during college and later converted in Dec. of 1972. From 1973-1983, she taught in the public schools of Detroit and later at a Muslim community school. Bilqis was married in 1973 and has six children ages 24 years to 9 years of age. She was married for 26 years, active in Muslim community life for many of those years and is currently working as a Library Associate at a university library and soon-to-be graduate student. In addition, she has studied Quranic Therapy at the Quranic Open University. She has been writing the "Ask Bilqis" column since March 1999.

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