A Lavish Asian Wedding in London

A Pakistani Eastenders wedding in London

Actors from the Eastenders show doing a wedding scene

Can someone tell me what culture this wedding video (n0t the photo) comes from?

I know it is South Asian, but is it Pakistani, Bengali, Indian…?

This must be one the most lavish, elaborate weddings I have ever seen. Is this normal? No wonder a wedding can bankrupt some families.

Islam teaches us moderation and balance. We need to be less concerned with putting on a show that everyone will admire and remember, and more concerned with fulfilling our obligations to Allah, and starting out the marriage on a sound emotional and spiritual footing.

For that matter, imagine if all that money spent on the wedding was instead given to the new couple to help them furnish a new apartment, establish some savings, and maybe even start an education fund for their new children Insha’Allah. Wouldn’t that be so much more productive?

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  1. Asalaamualaikum Wael,

    Unfortunately, these kind of lavish dramatic weddings have become pretty common in the Indian Subcontinent. Loads of money is spent on putting on this ‘pathetic’ one day show, or in most cases 3 or 4 day show. Its un-Islamic and probably void of any barakah. I agree, the money, time and effort should be spent on a much more worthy cause.

    May Allah give us the Wisdom to gear our efforts in the right direction – Aameen.

    Sister Z

  2. It could be for various reasons.

    – It could be because some people are loaded and just want to throw a big party.

    – For some, it is representative of their worldly status, so yes, prestige etc

    – Some people do not have the money and just think they have to have the best menu, best venue, best dress, alot of gold, music pumping, best photographer etc as they want to fit in.

    – Or simply – they just don’t know any better and may not be very close to deen.

    – One partner may want a simple occassion, while the other may want a lavish/un-islamic occassion. I would say that in this case, they may be not right for each other.

    I attended a wedding where the bride to be’s parents wanted a simple occassion and preferred not to have any music. However, the bride and groom wanted a lavish occassion with music. The bride’s parents gave in, but wondered why their daughter would not ‘listen’ to them. That ‘big day’ can be quite representative of how close the couple are to their deen. May Allah guide us all.

    There are natural disasters such as Tsunamis and Earthquakes in Indonesia, Haiti, Chile and man made disasters such as in Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan etc. People are suffering and are lacking basic necessities in life like food, a roof over their heads, clothes to cover their bodies.

    Newly wed couples are putting themselves in situations where they are having to take out mortgages and deal with interest in order to buy properties.

    All this and more, because some people are throwing around hard earned money just to have these luxurious weddings. Its a real shame.

    May Allah open our minds and grant us with wisdom and eemaan and knowledge.

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