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The Untapped Wisdom

(Don't Neglect to Reflect)

By Dr. Yunus Aidaroos

Dr. Yunus is the author of Islamic articles on various subjects. Recently he was inspired to pen a few lines on reflection upon the meaning of the Qur'an.

Just a book?....nay! Inside if you only look -
and STUDY, your attention it will hook.

Reading, kissing and just shelfing it, is no way
to unearth its meaning, its message; it is your highway.

Highway for this life, and a promised shade on resurrection -
a guarantee of eternal bliss and total satisfaction !

Come, read me , STUDY me, pause to REFLECT -
lessons from my beautiful stories, do select -

to shape your life for the hereafter,
instead of loving materialism, fun and laughter.

As the clock ticks away precisely,
those who study me wisely...

will comprehend my details -
some obvious, some hidden - and the many tales,

those of Yusuf, Mosses and Sulaiman;
so do BEFRIEND the majestic Qur'an.

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