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18 and in love, is it wrong to talk to her?

Assalam-o-alikum i am 18 and in love with a girl and have been talking since last month but never talked anything that could provoke unlawful means now some signs came to me and i started realizing that we're doing wrong. My question is are we doing the right thing? Is it haram?

Its hard to forget the feelings we just did this to know each other so how can i convince her and myself? If you dont mind i would want some quranic verses.

I know its difficult for you to answer questions in less time but i request you to answer my question so that i could conclude what should we do? Continue our relationship or withdraw it and do it the other way i.e talking to the father of girl?

Thank you.

- Arqam

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  1. Yes its haram to talk with non mahram girls
    If you have an attraction do isthikara prayer ask Allah guidance
    If you are ready to marry in terms of wealth and health and have the knowledge of life its pros cons consequences and know about halal life you can try talking to her parents ,adviced you take your parents with you. And she should be with eeman , a Muslim atleast a pious girl virgin girl from people of book.
    18 is too yearly to settle in life and is a age of hormonal problems and attraction so figure things out and also be ready mentally to accept anything after taking a decision and approaching

  2. You are not in love because at age 18 you do not know yet what love is. You are in heat, that is, hormones.

  3. Stay away..your shaitan is only playing with your harmones. Learn and practice your ISLAM.

  4. Walaykum Asalam

    Yes, you are doing the wrong thing. It is haram because you are not allowed to speak with a non-mahram girl alone.

    Here is the Hadith:

    The Prophet (pbuh) says: “No man is alone with a woman but the Shaytan is the third one present.’” [Narrated by Ahmad, Tirmidhi and Hakim)

    Tell this girl it's forbidden for you to speak alone with her. Let her know that you will only communicate with her in the presence of her Wali (father). This way there would be more barakah and you will avoid sins.

    Pray istikhara before you go ahead with the marriage.

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