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Asalamalaikum warahmatullahe wabarakatahu,
I need help with a dream which i saw few years back, but couldnt find an explanation.
Dream is : There is a thunderstorm and huge chaos going on. Everything is crashing, ripping apart in the storm. Our building through one side is half open, so the wall with our hall window is completely open now. Everywhere is dark, but the light in our hall room is on. A person from sky walks down and comes at our hall opening ( the side where there was the window, before storm) asks for water. I get a glass of water, give it to that huge and tall person, who drinks it and goes away quietly. That's it.
Any right explanation, would be highly appreciated.
As the thought of that dream bothers me.
Thank you.
JazakAllahu Khair.


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  1. I've just compiled these for you. The source is Ibn Siren. Ibn Siren wrote a compilation of Abu Huraira's (ra) narrations from the Prophet (pbuh) along with the opinions of Abu Huraira (ra).

    A thunderstorm with rain when needed in a dream represents a good harvest for that year . Hearing a thunderous sky without seeing the lightening in a dream means an assassination, deception, falsehood or slander. Hearing the sound of thunder in a dream also means being reprimanded by a higher authority. There are no benefits in hearing the sound of thunder in the darkness without seeing lightening in the dream, this would be interpreted as apostasy or disloyalty. This can be particularly true when it is accompanied with an earthquake. If one hears thunder in its season in a dream, it means good news and blessings. Otherwise, out of its usual season, thunder in a dream represents an army on the move, or a foreign occupation of a country.

    The walls represent men and the ceilings women, as men uphold women. A man’s house symbolizes his person, his ego, and his body, because it is his address, with which he is identified. Likewise, it alludes to his glory, his name and reputation, and his well-being.

    When a person sees that he is giving a glass of water to someone it symbolizes that he will listen to good news.

  2. I am writing what came to my mind after reading this. It may not be the answer to your dream but you have a view if it relates to you anyhow.
    A friend will ask for your help as he helped you before. Its hard to help as your position is also weak. It may be just a test. If you are able to help him and relieve him from his condition then you will be saved from an unforeseen catastrophe.

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