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Salaam everyone,

I am a 24 years old girl. My parents are really forcing me in to a marriage with my cousin and I am so unhappy about it.

My father will not even want to consider anyone else as his chosen man for me is in the family and any other option for me will have to be outside the family.
It's been over 4 years I have rejected to marry my cousin but recently they are pressurising me so much.

I love my parents and they are my world . I listen to everything they say. I don't want to upset them but I really don't want to marry this cousin. I can never be happy with him. I pray everyday to Allah swt to guide me.
What shall I do? Should I sacrifice my happiness and marry my cousin? For my parents happiness. But I will never be happy. Help me what shall I do??


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  1. TALK TO MOM OR WRITE LETTER.SAY I WANT TO FURTHER MY EDUCATION.IN THIS YOU CAN GET A CAREER MAKE BIG MONEY AND MOVE OR RELOCATE.THE OTHER WAY IS WRITE A LETTER OR TALK TO MOM AND SAY HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU WERE FORCE TO MARRY SOMEONE YOU DIDN'T REALLY LIKE OR WAS ATTRACTED TOO.ISLAM GIVES WOMEN RIGHTS.IF THERE ARROGANT IN TOWARDS DEEN.THEN IF YOU ARE EDUCATED AND HAVE FIANCIAL MEANS THEN SAY I AM GOING TO MOVE OUT OR LEAVE BECAUSE THIS IS NOT RIGHT.I AM HUMAN BEING WHO HAS FEELINGS. SISTER DON'T COMMIT YOURSELF TO WEALTHY PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO FAITH IN ALLAH.TODAY THE MUSLIMS ARE SO WEAK THEY ARE CHASING THIS WORLD AND IT DEEPLY ENGROSSED IN ALL HARAM.THAT IS WHY THOSE WHO DISOBEY THE COMMANDMENTS OF Allah and the teachings of prophet Muhammad will never find peace tranquility and success.This fact.So build your Iman and learn quran for that is the word of Allah.There is a book called heavenly ornames or bahisti zewar.This a book of Islamic rules regulations all types of questions.As a sunni Muslim it is my duty to give passed on knowledge so you can be successful. Don't worry build connection with Allah so your DUAS can connect but be careful of any HARAM movies etc...this is the dawat of SHAITAN. Now you know why the help of Allah dosent come to muslims in the world because of disobedience. The ulema say that less then 5% pray Salah and only 1 % pray with devotion and concentration. SALAT is compulsory on every female male adult.this is not an option.this will be the first thing questioned on the day of JUDGEMENT! Sooo even if things didn't worked your way .Allah will with certainty protect you and guide you based on your taqwa.this fact.Just look at the story of firuns wife were she was a believer and her husband was a disbelievers. She believed in Moses message right to her last breath after she was tortured by her husband to give up her faith.It said at the point of being tortured and not denouncing her belief .Then Allah removed the veils from her eyes and she simply smiled.For she will be one of the wives of prophet .Muhammad in Jannah.There so many eg. of women who went through much hardships mentioned I the tafsir of quran.I advice you read the story of Mary( Maryam).Anyways I'm sure you can figure something out but don't lose hope.There is always a solution to everything .Remember that Allah Controls everything and what has happened has happened.It's how you make it

  2. Raul,

    You give good advice but in all your posts you don't stick to the topic specifically, you go off topic and start giving lengthy dawah (not that your doing anything wrong) then sometimes you end it by saying...look at me I married a hafiz wife and I go to tabligi (tabligi- a brotherhood that doesn't include diversity and doesn't encourage woman/wives to go for life ambitions, instead believes there job is to stay home and take care of kids and husband)...Then you go off by saying I used to be bad and now I know my religion and I must preach that others are not following Islam properly.

    Don't mean to be rude but I get turned off by people who find religion, then become a little arrogant and think they are following Islam best and others are kind of sinners.

  3. sis...just print out the Hadith and Quran extract where it talks about marriage and show that to your parents.

    lets see if they are willing to deny Allah's words over their own stubbornness...

  4. Asalam u alaikum...sisiter ,if u are not ready please dont go forward ....i was in the same situation a year back ,,i had all guilty feelings coz rejecting u r own cousin would lead to clashes in families nd all(but beleive me those will be for few months afterwards he ll get his betterhalf nd u ll get ur, no one will bother) i gave up to the pressure of my family nd married my cousin,i did nt like her ..even though she has no mistake in it..i could nt give my 100% to her nd now its down to divorce....nd double guilt that i destroyed her isteqara nd still if ur heart is not ready for firm in ur decision ,show ur family some video lectures on forced marriage...

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