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A girl I love is marrying someone else but she loves me

Disappearing love, vanishing love

I loves a girl she is 5 years older than me so her parents getting her married i m in a state of depression i love her so much she loves me too but we couldn't do anything about it because i m still a student and she is about to get married now i stopped talking to her we was in good relationship there is lots of love between us . i m very depressed and couldn't able to come over it i want to overcome this situation it hurts when u see someone you love marrying other . I know allah choses best for us and everything is written in fate already but still i couldn't able to overcome this situation i miss her and i know she is also feeling the same i feel but she couldn't say no to this marriage and no to her parents please guide me through this i feel very sad lonely and heartbroken


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  1. Assalaamualakum Khan,

    Sorry you are feeling depressed. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts for healing from a relationship. You have to go through the stages of grief.

    This really is a case where time will heal you. You just need more time away from her. Time during which you will encounter other situations, during which you will go through the cycle of each day with its respective challenges and more positive points, until one day, you will find that you are no longer thinking about her.

    I pray that Allah will guide and comfort you through this difficult process.



  2. Assalamu 'alaykum Brother,

    Please read this as it applies to you.

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