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A haraam relationship

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Salaam Everyone,

I need help. I just got out of a haram relationship with a non-muslim boy. I am 16, we began dating when I was just 15. We haven't had ANY sexual intercourse, but we've touched "down there", kissed, etc. Once, it was oral on him. I regret everything so deeply. We stopped doing anything like that after about 9 months of dating and he went off to college and things changed. We stopped everything sexual and talked to each other more of as friends. He treated me like he didn't even care about me and I didn't care.

When he got back from college a month ago, he started talking about those sexual things again. I fell for it, but the conversation only lasted one day. He asked me to come over, when his parents weren't around. I told him I would, but chose not to. I didn't feel right about it and I knew it was wrong. He left me about 3 weeks later, after not seeing me or being able to do anything sexually with me for months and months. I realized, although being hurt at first, the relationship was wrong. Everything we had done was wrong.

I repented to Allah, prayed for forgiveness (It's also Ramadan right now) and began coming closer to God everyday. I prayed and prayed and I very quickly got over the haram relationship. But will God fully forgive me? Will I be able to find the true man he has written down as meant for me one day? I'm only 16. Please help.


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  1. W.Salam .
    Dear why are you doubting the mercy of the ALL merciful and ALL forgiving.
    Indeed zina is a bad thing but as Allah swt stated that the one repents from zinah with a true sincere heart and would never commit it again then he'll change his bad deeds into good deeds.
    You need to be firm on your eeman, never meet the guy again in fact never meet any guy alone . Keep repenting , stay away from such temptations.
    And forget what happened in past , start a new life .

  2. Sis you did wrong you should do not this again ALLAH will forgive you but you will have to leave your bf "The Quran Says Do Not Marry With Nonmuslim" when you can't marry with him than why are you being relationship its haram think about your parents. and ask forgiveness from ALLAH.

  3. Salam sister Hannah, MashaAllah you have realised that the relationship you were having is haraam and ended. yoy need to understand that whatever is made haraam their is certainly a halal alternative. As you are quite young take 1-3 years to learn about your deen and your responsibilities as a wife to be. Use your time wisely. Dua and salah is the key . Ask Allah to guide . If your really have urges that you cannot control it is prolly an important time to talk to your mahraam to find you a suitable spouse and fulfill your desire in a halal manner, but whilst that happens learn duas , recite Quran, update your knowledge on current affairs. And please cut of all haram communications with guys this will lead you to the wrong path.

  4. Don't worry about relationship as I marriage I hope because your too young to understand the true picture of life your duties and purose of your life.......1st of all this body is a trust from Allah and you will be answerable to him unless he forgives because you repented....My advice is learn Iman build your foundation go to mosque and meet other sisters.....because there are 2 kinds of people on this planet....believers n nonbelievers. .this fact and the end is near.....Look up SAHIH muslim the last days of the end of the world....

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