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Aoa Sir i want to know about 3 Three Marriage Together mean one day boy wedding ceremony ( Barat ) and on another day of waleema his Sister's wedding ( Barat) is it ok ? Please answer me according to hadees/Quran Thanks


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    If you mean having different couples getting married within a short space of time, I'm not aware of any rule that would prohibit this.

    However, it might be felt that each separate wedding isn't getting the time or attention the bride and groom (and others) might want. It might be better for the weddings to be slightly spaced out? Or, embrace the timing and have a joint celebration as well as the individual weddings?

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. My wife's a sunni scholor...and as far as I know nikkah is the main thing...Wali mah comes from boys side.......because I got nikah done mosque then the next day I did the Wali mah at hall because of big family which was segregated...Walimah can be down anytime...Nikkah are blessing .....You know most of these other ceremonies are cultural were they party for a week because there son or daughter getting married. ...I know this because my wife's famoly are from India. they have all sorts of things .....but the prophet made deen simple and not complicated...the point is not to get involve in spending unnecessary sin of mixing and delaying of the actual religious ceramony

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