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A secret marriage while still married to first husband?

Secret relationship, secret marriage

A Hindu woman married with no children, is in love with a muslim man. Now they are just good friends.

He being a practicing muslim, before giving any new direction to their relationship, He wants her to marry her. for this she has to be converted to Islam. She is willing to do go through the conversion and the marriage as per islamic practices, but wants to keep this as a secret from the society for some valid reason. But she knows that there will be an officiating Kazi and 2 men for marriage to be valid islam and she also knows she will be signing a register in the local mosque and there will be record of her marriage, of course with her new muslim name. She wants that except for these 3 people and her present husband nobody else should be aware and for the outside world, she will have her hindu name and still married to her hindu husband. Her present husband has no objection to this arrangement. But she will not be having any physical relationship with him. In this case, I have fallowing questions

  1. Will the New marriage will be valid and not haram as per Islamic law?
  2. will the children born out of this marriage  be considered legally born as per the islamic law and not born in sin
  3. Both husband and her new husband are willing to give the choice to the children to choose the religion of their choice, meanwhile they will be taught Quaran and the Hindu scriptures. will that be alright?

I will much obliged for your answers clearing the doubts, as it concerns my dearest friend and has to decide on the course of action. I know all the three are well meaning and very nice persons

I omitted the fallowing infotmation

1 her first was a tradional hindu marriage and not officially registered and she is retaining her maiden name, since it is not possible to change on her educational certicates and is quite cumbersome to change in her office documents. Even after her conversion to Islam, when she takes a muslim name and after her marriage,  she is hoing to retain her maiden name

2 She is not filing for divorce as it is not registered. Her lover has assured her that it is not necessary, because once Embraces Islam, she becomes pure and all her past (including her previous marriage)is automatically erased and she will be starting a new life as pure as a new born. Only thing is that after her conversion, they will have to wait for 40 days for Nikha to take place.

Is it a valid argument?


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  1. Salam ALykom

    Will the New marriage will be valid and not haram as per Islamic law?
    Answer: This isn't a valid marriage. A muslim is only allowed to marry a modest believer

    will the children born out of this marriage be considered legally born as per the islamic law and not born in sin?
    Answer: these children will be born in sin but it will not be there sin because it's not their choice, it will be yours.

    Both husband and her new husband are willing to give the choice to the children to choose the religion of their choice, meanwhile they will be taught Quaran and the Hindu scriptures. will that be alright?
    Answer: You are going to teach you kids about Quraan and you will be rewarded for that. Teaching them about kufr is the worst sin you can ever do specially if they follow it after. Astaghfur Allah.

    May Allah guide you to the right path and open you hearts and your eyes to the truth.

  2. Slms,

    I don't think any of this is a good thing, from getting married to having kids, she wants to keep her hindu name to the world but convert to Islam and keep it hidden, Please dearest sister we don't oppose those that want to enter our beautiful religion we welcome them, but this is so wrong, those children will be taught to worship Allah and then be taught to worship shaitaan, already there is going to be a problem, why would these people want to confuse those innocent children and subject them to that, how would practicing two religions in one household be a good foundation for those children even for the parents, is that man going to keep all those idols and the quraan in the same household? It's wrong Allah SWT is most merciful and most forgiving but Allah SWT will not be happy with this arrangement. If they want to get married, it must be done the proper way and live as muslims no practicing of other religions, how will the angels enter that home when there is idols there or hindu lamps? Please be wise, this is not right.

    And Allah SWT knows best.


  3. She did not except Islam from her heart. Her intentions was only that she loves him. The guy himself is not a practising muslim because you do not talk to other women .We call this weak muslim.So weak muslim can not be blessed .So this relation can never work.In all cases with knowledge and experience.A Hindu is very strong in there beliefs .It takes a pious man to effect them...This is to deep for most muslims to comprehend. The point is a man can get married even if there were no muslim witness provided she s not married to anyone else and she except Islam from her heart...This is a tough and big question . ..Allah knows there deepest secrets

  4. & by the way why do you or your friend or whosoever wants to happen and do it this complicated way ?

    I mean the females husband is agreeing over his wife getting married to a muslim man. Whats the gist all about ?

    Which husband would ever allow this to happen openly with no regrets ?

    And lastly even if he is agreeing why does the wife wants to hide her secret marriage from the world ? Is she so afraid of the world ? I dont think so from the way you have quoted it all.

    This is all crap. They might be in deep trouble somewhere down the future. Beware !

  5. Non sense and ridiculous .
    Why on a earth some body would do that ?

    First of all this will be invalid marriage .That Muslim man seems to be hypocrite who has agreed for such arrangements .In Islam there is no concept of secret marriage .This is invalid .

    There is no hypocrisy allowed in Islam .If you marry him then you need to openly declare it .
    Conversion can't be in a hypocritical way of what you have described .

  6. assalamu alaikum.
    Sir i have question because i dont know what to do. i am muslim and i hot married here in riyadh.after 4 years of marriage the nikah certificate was lost because of the disaster in the philippines.may question is how can i get nikah certificate again here in riyadh.please help me.thak you.

    • Why don't you go to whoever issued the original certificate, explain the circumstances, and ask for a new one?

      Wael Editor

    • Brother you lost all the 3 copies along with the Original Certificate ?
      Because in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Qazi gives 3 copies stamped along with the original Nikah certificate ?

      If you have lost all. You should check it with the Embassy .

  7. I have a question like that.....
    Mine lover is catholic cristen she want to marry me but she is afraid of her parents if she converts her religion they will kill her.....
    She wants a secret marrige that to be my legal wife.
    Is that possible?
    What i think if she is not muslim i cant do marige with her at any cost m i right?
    Kindly somebody give the suggestion what i have to do.......

    • Ali, perhaps she can convert to Islam but not tell her parents about the conversion. The marriage should not be secret, however.

      Wael Editor

  8. no problem then

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