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About sins before marriage with married woman?



I had an illegal affair with my relative. .she is my father's sister's daughter in law.... From almost 3years ....suddenly she got ran way from house for a month and she demand for talaq with her husband.... As a relative I was stayed in their house from 4years ...she were very affectionate to me and I too... Many times I proposed her to marry and she too. ..I was regularly in contact over from last two months not physically...I sincerely honestly.. Trying to get marry her.. But as rejecting continuously because of her kids... I promised to herein can look after her kids and their future.... Personally she was irritated with family life and husband's behavior may be that is reason attracted towards me ....she good in behaviour and self character....

Finally my doubt is if she get talaq from her husband  iam ready marry her.... I ready to do nikah with her... .already she did nikah over phone. With me.... .from situation onwards iam very much attached with her.... I can't leave without her..... how can I get my sins to be forgiven by Allah. ...what right thing to do. .....please please give a a suggestion and advice to follow..... I definitely follow


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  1. Brother,

    This woman might be able to repair her marriage and focus on what is important in her life. She has a husband and children who need their mother. Leave her alone.


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