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Addicted to memes?

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Dear brothers and sisters. Firstly i shall inform thee that i am serious with this topic and am not joking! Now on to the topic: it all started when i found a new meaning for using social media ( simply an app where you can post and view others posts) at first i was using social media because i was posting photos of thyself showing off my new clothes new,hairstyles,etc. Alot later however i heard that taking useless photos, flexing on somebody, ( showing off ) etc. Are haram so i deleted all of my posts and i found memes i thought they we're very funny and found them funny and entertaining sometimes even spent hours and hours of just scrolling down watching memes and sometimes laughing until i'd start crying, i thought it was nice would keep me away from the stress of dunya and anxiety of failing tests and stuff like that only to find out later that wasting time is haram brothers and sisters i'd like thou to inform me if it's haram and if it it is then what should i do, however ive lost my account because i lost my old email. And i'd like thou to give me thine information in details of what you know thank you in advance!.


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  1. Bismillah,
    Why not turn your addiction to your benifit, and create social media pages. When you have a good amount of followers normally 1000, you can then start “adsense” by goolge and there are several other ways to do this. You will get paid for all your time online and on memes so you wouldn’t really be wasting time you’d be working and making momey!

  2. Salam Have balance in life bro.dont be to hard on yourself.Allah Like's moderation honesty kindness and patience..the secret is read Quran and love it and master it morning n before bed this is the entry or basics at level 1...after this it gets better n QURAN is a great treasure missing in this in ummah. It is a medication a treatment brings 100% happiness prosperity and PARADISE.. think about Quran is communication with Allah.
    This is huge to ponder ...but in order to access this gift one most be praying 5 TIMES A DAY AND as much can with jamaat at mosque...must watch what he eats..100% halal. What he listens...musuc n Quran can never be together .
    What you watch t.v movies....So when Quran comes in ur life. Allah becomes your guide vision ETC.. .Do not doubt anything that is said...people who have no iman or little are followers of the devil regardless so called friends and family...we can only be silent and respect them for being Gods creation.. mans power is expressed by his actions...and go to the house of Allah and learn and sit with the Sunni scholar.. help the poor n weak by any means .It will all make sense 1 day bro...and never give up...Also read or listen to about it n seek knowledge.May Allah bless you n guide you to success

  3. Needless to say brother, I relate to thou on a spiritual basis.

    They did surgery on a grape.

    The real MVP's will know

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