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As salam alai kum

I would request you to please advice whats best for me.


I am in love with my maternal aunt. We both have same feelings for each other. We are too close we had this relationship more than two years.

The reason for start of this was the tortures my uncle had done on her.

She doesn't have any family or anyone to support her. She has two children's which are below 10.

She had been undergoing the suffering since 15 years of marriage. She cant leave him as I had told no one is there to look after.

I had tried in many ways change my uncle's behavior but never been successful. He thinks that he wont be considered a man if his wife isnt scared of him. Cant explain the depth of troubles he had given her and she had taken all of them for the sake that she is all alone. She had approached my family members and priests for counselling many times. My uncle used to say sorry and make promise in front of us and again after a week start up the same. Apart from his behavior towards his character what i know of is good. Performs salah recites quran fasts zakat hajj helping peoples to maximum possible extent. He is even ready to give his life for the happiness of others.

When it comes to his family he says straight forward that they should suffer.

Beats own children very rudely. Scolds them fr small things and all.

When I told him to divorce her he told no., I will not till death and will make her suffer as much as possible. After trying everything possible I started to feel to sorry and tried helping her to stay away from husbands wrath. In this process we fell in love and no one knows about this.


Thinking it a sin I prayed Allah to guide all three of us.

Done istikhara but got no sign. The only thing I felt was I shouldn't leave her.

Once talked about the sin we were committing and she agreed for repentance. She never complained to me but when i heard news of what my uncle had done i felt guilty for leaving her alone and again went back to her.

The current situation is she shares all her sorrows with me. Takes advise from me for dealing with problems which never fail. The tortures have increased but she is still happy because i am there with her.


I am unmarried, have a job can take care of her and children. She is ready to marry me and says whenever you ask will say yes.


Please advice me on this.

Should i leave her

Should i ask her to divorce her husband and marry me.

Please consider:-

She has no one except me to share her joys and sorrows.

Her husband doesn't want to change ever.

The children consider me more than thier father.

I am confident my family won't accept her. And I have no problem with regard to this. I know how to handle my family very well.

Please advice me.


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  1. You cannot marry your maternal aunt (or any aunt).

    Moreover, it is highly unusual for a nephew to have sexual/romantic feelings for his aunt. It is also abnormal. You must separate yourself from this situation. If she is completely alone, then hire a paid female companion for her so she is safe after the divorce.

    The situation you describe is basically incestual. I'm even surprised that you havent questioned whether you are legally allowed to marry your aunt in the country where you live.

    Of course if you are looking for an Islamic allowance for this situation, none exists. She is like your mother.

  2. asalaam alaikum I think the first and possibly last question before all of these that should be asked is - is your relationship even permissible in Islam?

  3. Yes its more appropriate to take divorce from her husband and marry you .
    She should take khula nd reach court if her husband is so cruel nd isn't freeing her.

    If she's powerful enough, she should hire a case against her husband for beating her nd not giving her divorce right .

  4. OP: I am in love with my maternal aunt. We both have same feelings for each other. We are too close we had this relationship more than two years.

    What do you mean by "too close".......... same feelings for each other....relationship for 2 years? Are you sleeping with your aunt? Does your uncle know about this 2-yr relationship?

  5. I wonder if she is really his actual maternal aunt. How can she be alone in this world if she is the OP’s mother's sister? Probably she is a distant relative on his mother's side.

  6. If she is your mom's sister then she is like your mother and both of you cant marry .This is called Incest and Islam has harsh punishment . You should keep out of her life and her solve her issue by herself .A nephew forming such relationship is punishable n disgusting .she too proving to be bad character woman in her marriage to her husband by doing this disgusting act .

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