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Stress can trigger many negative emotions and thoughts.

I am a 15 year old freshman who is going through a very difficult and tough time. I have severe anxiety, and I'm often depressed. It's gotten to a very low and horrible point to where I think I need to seek help, but my parents don't believe in mental health and things like this. I've also been thinking about death a lot, and it's been leading me to depression.

My family is not perfect. There's a lot of arguments and problems, and they affect me A LOT. My father has been chatting with women online and my mother found out, and they always argue. It disgusts me and breaks my heart that my own father would do such a thing like this. It also doesn't help that my brothers sometimes abuse me and make fun of me. It's very, very rough sometimes, and I reach such low points where I beg Allah just take all the pain away. I just want to live a peaceful life and be happy. My mother is very kind and loving, but she doesn't understand what I'm going through. She tells me I'm a coward and that I should be brave, but it's so hard. My family is very dysfunctional and it affects me deeply.

It also doesn't help that school makes it even worse. High school is absolute hell and it's so clear that I don't fit in. I'm surrounded by kids who do drugs, drink, curse and other horrible habits. Of course I will never do them, but I hate being around negative energy. I have no friends and I'm always known as that quiet girl who no one knows. This led to my low confidence and self-hatred.



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  1. Do zikr go to mosque make friends with practising muslims stay away from all types of haram doubtful food movies music and all that you should know.

  2. Al Salaamu Alaykum,

    I have the idea that you are living in the west. If that's the case, then there is a hope for you. You're only 3 years from being 18, in which case you will be free to escape the toxic environment you're in.

    Yes, I know that's a long time. And you have every right to feel burdened, disgusted, and out of strength to keep going. The situation you're in is not easy. Coming to terms that we are in unfair situations, and not in control to change that, is very, very difficult.

    Have no doubt that Allah knows very well how much you are suffering, and how little you can do to make the difference right now. He truly is the only One who can sustain you until He writes your ease. And be assured He has done that for countless number of people already, from Prophets like Yusuf who was mistreated by his own family and then had to spend years unfairly in prison, to refugees in war-torn countries that are delivered to places of safety, to many young ladies like yourself who were destined for something far greater than what situation they were born into. I can assure you that your situation WILL change and you will eventually find yourself in a more peaceful, comfortable situation. I can say that without doubt because I was in a very similar situation like yours when I was 15. Allah certainly is faithful to those who are patient and continue to bring their tears and case to Him.

    May Allah bring you supportive people and care from sources you may not expect. And whenever you can, reach out to those who you feel you could trust. There may be some sisters at the masjid, or a decent girl or two at school. Even just joining an online forum for people who are struggling could open up connections for you. Allah is with you through all of this, I promise. Just keep reaching out to Him, and He will carry you to peace.

    -Amy Editor

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