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I'm 18 years old and I love a guy. It's been a year since we're together. He even sent matrimonial to my family but my family rejected him saying that he's not rich enough and because my family doesn't like people from that city. We also know that talking or meeting each other is haraam so we've decided to put a full stop on it and start praying for each other. We know it's very difficult for us and when we tried for the first time both of us ended crying badly.

I also prayed my istikhara 3 times, the first time it was positive because my feelings were the same. The second time i felt negative and things around weren't fine. And the third time I saw a dream where my parents agreed to fix my marriage with him and when I said him this, he was kind of shocked. I don't really understand the results.

I want some advice so that it can last forever as both of us are serious. Also, if we stop talking can I just ask him daily if he's fine? Not any more conversation. And about the istikhara, why is it confusing in my case?


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