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Afraid of my Sexual Problems; Please sugget a Du’a and Medicine

Du'a before Sexual Intercourse

Assalam alukum sir,

I have some sex problem, i am really afraid of this problem , when i having sex my sperm gets out within 2 minute, also once happen then i do not having sex again with my wife,

Also my sperm having less quantity due to this my wife not yet pregnant . I am realy affraid please suggest me a dua & best medicine, my english is not well but I write.

~ hussainshaikh

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  1. Salam brother I'm not a doctor, but it seems as thoug u might have some ED issues.
    Try maintaing a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking if you do cos smoking decreases your sperm count. As far as lasting longer you coulkd try exercises for example the Kegel exeecise is really easy to do and is effective as well and thge best part is that u could do this exercise anytime and anywhere. Or u could try thr Corpora Cavernosa exercise. The other main factor could be stress. Once again bro I'm not a doctor I'm justing shooting off suggestions which are convenient to follow and doesn't require any MD. And offcourse make dua, cos everything happens by His will.

  2. Salaams,

    If your sperm is being released before or early during sexual intercourse, this could be a symptom of a disorder called "premature ejaculation". This condition is very treatable with doctor's care and therapy. I suggest you consult with your doctor for further resources.

    However, I would just like to advise you that this condition by itself is not indicative in any way of a low sperm count. You may have plenty of sperm, there is really no way to tell by looking with the physical eye. Your wife's inability to get pregnant could be due to a variety of factors. I suggest that you also discuss these concerns with your doctor, and they could suggest several tests to rule out any areas of dysfunction if it is merited.

    -Amy Editor

  3. asalamu alaikum,

    akhi how often do you have sex? everyday? akhi if you have sex too frequently your sperm seems low in some cases it needs longer time to rejuvenate(everyone is different). for 2weeks dont have sex then on the 3rd week you will see you have a fountain of sperm.

    you also suffering from premature ejaculation, see a doc its treatable.

    ma salama

  4. Assalmaualikum!

    From which country are you? I suggest you a medicine called confido Its manufactured by Himalaya drug co india.Dose {Its best when you consider a Doctor}can be 1 tab twice daily. and increased to one tab thrice daily (and a maximum dose of 2tablets three times a day).
    use it till your condition improves First start from a small dose and gradually increase the dose .and while leaving it gradually decrease the dose and stop. No dietary restrictions.

    Side effects: Adverse effects vary from person to person these may include Dry mouth(keep a jug full of wate beside you ehile sleeping) feeling sleepy and dull stomach pain , nasal blockage etc... (mainly caused by Alkaloid reserpine)
    if you are taking any other medicine then ask a doctor before using this medicine(or ask me hereI am a pharmacist)
    Also i suggest you to use black seed(kalonji) honey boiled eggs and honey .daily
    You can recite (deleted by the Editor) before and after.

    These links will be help full
    (link deleted by the Editor)

    • Brother Haroon,

      I deleted the line that said recite a particular Surah specific number of times, which has no established evidence in the Quran or the Sunnah.
      I also deleted the link to the ruqyah website as I saw a problem with that website. It has a mix of both authentic, as well as innovated content. So, it is better to keep away from it.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

      • Dear brother there are many hadith proving taht Al fatiha surah is cure for all disease.So at leas let him know that he should recite sure fatiha abunduntly if not for fixed no of times.

        (link deleted by the Editor)

        • That should be fine insha Allah. Fixing a specific number and time is what is not acceptable. Except for what has evidence such as Surah Kahf on Friday, Excessive Durood on Friday, Surah al Mulk and Surah Sajadah before sleeping, Aayah al Kursi after every prayer and before sleeping, and so on.

          Muhammad Waseem

  5. As salam brother plz follow this check list

    1) Eat dry and wet dates (khajoor) 6 dates daily
    2)Honey 2 times specially in morning time after fajar salah
    3)Eat kalonjii and use oil of it in food for few days
    4)Eat fruits specially apple ,chikuu..
    5)Eat egges 3 egg daily ( it i smention in hadess also
    6)Avoid thinkink of sex in normal day time have sex in gap of 15 to 20 days in tht never see any images of women or girsl or even not think of them .
    7)be relax on whole day when you will have sex in night be stress free
    8)tell you wife to apply hair purfume were nice and pure cloths cloths and you to have fresh bath before it as you t o have fresh fragnanace
    9) Both WIFE AND HUSBAND miskaw teeth clening before and after it
    10)Eat in food ground nut.

    get up for fajar early and sleep early after isha , read quran with meaning and avoid sin , by implementing this your life style will cahange and inshallah your problem wil be cure inshallah

  6. i have some problem....i had a bad habit which is mastrubation.Because of this habit i ejaculate few seconds...but i am how to cure of this disses? plz advice me some medicine or exercise

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