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All Ages Concert: 👍 or 👎

So I've been preparing to ask my parents about this concert for a while. It is to one of my favourite bands. This concert is a concert for all ages. Parents are welcomed and there aren't any drugs or alcoholic beverages allowed. I was planning on going with a friend but she can't go for personal reasons. I asked my mother the first time and she said yes and I also asked my brother who would take me, he agreed to take me.

My actual question: Is it Haram for me to go to a concert for all ages that parents attend with their children?


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  1. Is music halal or Haram? Answer that and you can answer your question yourself.

    • Assalamu alaikum,
      If you ould lik to teach something to some one please be soft . Because softness and humbleness is what our prophet shown always to anyone

  2. Music it self is prohibitted in islam. Anything that has no use is prohibitted in islam.
    So we should avoid listening to music. Watching movies
    So when music hearing itself is not advised then concert is surely not allowed whether you go with your family or not

  3. It's not my religious belief that music, entertainment and socializing with people of all ages and genders are haram, so I personally don't believe there's anything wrong with going to concerts. But I do know that more strict Muslims would disagree. I guess you have to ask yourself what you think would be haram about going to a concert according to your own beliefs...

    • no need for islam all of us should have our own beliefs which will be called belief invention. clapping. coz what you think and feel is right but what islam says is wrong coz it is clashing with your so called beliefs good very good.

      • Sugar Monroe, are you an idiot, a moron or just dyslexic? I wrote it's not my RELIGIOUS belief that music and concerts are haram. I'm sorry you're too dumb to comprehend that not everyone who's religious believes exactly what you believe. I'm advising OP from my own religious beliefs, if you have different beliefs, please feel free to share YOUR perspective instead of wasting your time insulting mine.

        • Both of you, sugar and Lindita, this is getting out of control. Both of you please stop the personal attacks and criticisms. It's not productive and it's not how we treat each other as Muslims. It's okay to disagree and even to dislike each other, but from this point on, any comments with personal attacks and insults will be deleted.


  4. any knd of gathering in which Allah and Prophets Zikar is not mentioned will be subject to on the day of judgement ... i will quote hadess regarding this sooner, and Also in Quran Allah emphasized to keep yourself bonded with awlia Allah.

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