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All my Duas turn against me, and I now fear making Dua at all!

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Around a year ago, I started noticing that when I make Dua for something or be thankful to Allah, it turns against me. This problem is also present with my mum too...for example:

1.Today I was thinking about how lucky I am for having access to water, and a few hours later, the water shut off in our house!

2. The day before that, I was thanking Allah for giving me great health and I woke up the next day with ear pain and swollen lymph nodes!

3. My mum also was thanking Allah for us having electricity, and then the electricity started shutting off at our house multiple times this week, never before did it happen, only after she thanked!

4. Also, I was praying and thanking Allah for keeping me safe while going down the stairs as daily dhikr, that same moment I fell down the stairs and broke my foot badly...I could not even finish my Dua.

5. I was also thanking Allah for making my swollen lymph node safe, but now it has spread and I am scared it could be cancerous and will get a doctor appointment.

6. I also prayed to Allah to keep cancer away from me and my family a lot this week and now I am having a scare!

Why is this happening to me and my mum? How do we get over it?

P.S. Please pray that my family and I are free from cancer as we have an extensive history of it on both sides of family, so pray we can avoid and break this curse!!!


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  1. Asalamualaykum Sister Himari,

    Thank you for keeping this website alive with all your questions 😉

    From what you have said, a few thoughts cross my mind.

    1. You really notice patterns and interesting synchronicities...perhaps you have a future as an actuarian!

    2. Allah is testing your faith to see if you stop worshiping him when tested with difficulties, and also if you believe in omens and such.

    You should not stop making Dua! Never! Rather, make a Dua that this test is hard on you and that it is overwhelming you. Ask Allah to test you with something different that you might more easily handle.



    • Hello!

      Thank you so much for sharing your answer. I honestly have no where else to ask Islamic questions since I live in an area with no Muslims facilities or imam. I’m glad I found this website.
      Furthermore, I am trying to get over my fear. As a Muslim, naturally when things go bad, I find myself making dua, even if I am scared. I can’t stop it, but I can’t also stop the worry. It feels like constant tests from Allah. Whenever I appreciate something, I’m afraid I’ll lose it as a test, yet I am still thankful, just a loop. It feels like the older I get, the more trouble there is. As time passes, more problems are unveiled. When I am 16 my problems were big to me at the time, then at 17 they got bigger, so I wished to go back to 16, then now at 18, my problems got even worse and bigger, so I wish I was 17. Year by year, I’m scared of the future.

      • Asalamualaykum Himari,

        Allah has said that He will test His believing slaves until the day they die. No soul is exempt from this. I know that is not what you want to hear, but it is fact. I am 42 and yes, the tests do get harder and harder, but our ability to handle them also increases such that it usually feels like a "different type" of test, rather than a more difficult one. If you were NOT being tested, then you would REALLY have something to worry would mean that Allah essentially does not love you. So please be comforted in knowing that Allah loves you.

        Prayer, extra Rakahs, along with making dua and taking appropriate actions, is what will get you through. At the end of each test, you will and should feel a sense of relief, as things will have turned out better than what you could have ever expected! You also will not mind what you went through at all, considering the positive outcome (only if you have not left Allah out of the equation). Ask Allah for guidance on the steps you should take to solve your problem...something that you have control over. Because you can't be passive if you want to overcome your have to stay active and have a problem-solving and solution-oriented mindset. Ask Allah to not even ALLOW you to do what he does not approve of, and completely surrender yourself to Him.

        I am sitting here behind a screen but can tell you that you absolutely have the ability to get through this, based on the fact alone that Allah is testing you with it. Cry and beg to Allah...He wants to bring you closer to Himself. If you find yourself consistently hopeless and depressed and cannot function, you will also need to seek medical intervention. There is no shame in seeking medical help for mental and psychological difficulties.

        Please say this following dua to give you peace of mind knowing that everything you are doing is being guided by and approved by Allah:

        Allahumma rahmataka arjoo falaa takilnee illaa nafsee tarfata aynin, wa aslih lee sha' nee kullahu, laa illahah 'illaa 'Anta.

        "O Allah, I hope for your mercy. Do not leave me to my own devices (to my own self) for even the blink of an eye, and make all of my affairs better and good. There is none worthy of worship but you."

        I have also made a dua for you for Allah to grant you ease 🙂



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