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Allah has blessed me so much, yet I am depressed!

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Aslamo - A - Laikum,  Dear brother and sisters,

I am not sure why I am feeling like how I am now. It's just Allah has blessed me so much and yet I am feeling depressed. Everytime I sit its like something is going on in my head and I can't stop it from thinking. I just feel that something is removing me from Allah's ibadat.

Is there any advice you can give?

~ 23ForEv3r

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  1. Asalamualaykum Dear brother/sister.
    I myself experienced a simular situation, all my life I lived quite bad, but then Alhumdulilah I turned it around and started practising the beautiful deen for the sake of Allah (S.W.T).
    1 night a strange occurance happened and it shook me a little, after that every day (especially after Maghrib) I become very depressed, I couldn't focus, I didn't feel the same feeling I felt when praying Salat or reading Quran. I didn't want to leave the house, I barely smiled and I had great fear in my heart.
    Eventually I sought after a trustworthy sheikh who I told this problem to, he said that he thinks it's best if he comes into my room where the strange occurance happened that night.
    So I bought him to my room and straight away he said he felt his chest being crushed and it was hard to breath in my room. He requested a big water bottle, which he then recited Ruqiyah over (through the bottle opening) and then drank half, left in his mouth and blow it out on each corner in my room, then my bed and then drank the other half.
    Then he performed Ruqiyah on me and gave me the Ruqiyah water and told me to pour a glass everyday and from half the glass sprinkle on each corner of your room (and bed) and the over half I should drink. He adviced me that there was a Shaytan in my room and it was giving off bad vibes. He gave me a few tips like reading or playing Surah Baqarah in my room/house every 3 days or at least every week and not to keep to many black decorations in my room as the Shaytaan are attracted to black.
    I did as he instructed for a week and Alhumdulilah I started to feel happy again, I returned to my normal self within 2 weeks and I started to learn more Dua's to seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan and read a great book on these matters. The book is called 'Sword against evil magicians and black magic' by Wahid Abdussalam. It came with Ruqiyah CD which I would lie down and listen to occaisionally to help me relax.

    So maybe you are feeling the same thing? and maybe that would be the answer for you too?
    If not then my Akhi/Ukhti I recommened a book by Sheikh 'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni titled 'Don't be sad'. I purchased it off Amazon and Alhumdulilah it is a great book (the arabic version is very very popular all over the arab lands and is accepted by all). In this book the Sheikh explains small and big things you can do to help you focus and to make the depression go. I highly recommened this book.

    Whatever troubles you are going through I pray that Allah (S.W.T) guides you and lifts this depression from you, giving you hapiness in this life and the life after. (Ameen).

  2. My advise to you is to start praying and listen to the recitation of holy quran everyday.
    Listen to the recitation of Surah Rehman. The more you do this you will see that the shatan will draw away from you. Sister, this is the only way to fight depression or any other thing. For, there is cure of every disease in the quran.

  3. Adham.
    Thanks for your advice,actually i was influenced by a jinn,but it was me who had to fight against that,Alhumdulillah i am better than b4,but sometimes gets off and i read Quran or listen,the books in India are available or not i just wanted to know the name of this book with urdu translation,will it be possible 4 u...

  4. Recite Surah Fatihah regularly. That is a cure for every disease.
    Evaluate your level of eman. Do you pray? Do you fast in Ramadan. Have you improved in faith? Even if we are blessed in dunya terms (good job, nice family, wealth etc), if we are not fulfilling ourselves spiritually by being close to Allah swt and worshipping Him and striving to be sincere then we will not be fully happy.

    As humans we are made up of earth (body) and soul. If we neglect our soul we will never be at peace and content. So think about this, this could be a reason, maybe?

    It may also be something medical so see your GP just to rule something out. I do understand how you feel to an extent and I find that sometimes despite Alhumdulilah being blessed, a small thing can bother me. It's something I am not even aware of consciously so I dont realise what till later but it's a possibility.

    Also are you a brother or a sister? If you are female, it may be related to hormones. Females experience a huge fluctuation in a number of different hormones throughout the month and this can cause feelings of anger or depression.

    I don't know about influence of a jinn etc but do recite (or at least play the recitation) of Surah Baqarah in your house every 3 days. Also keep in a state of wudhu as much as possible and recite the dua before entering the house and bathroom. (There are invocations for this if you search on google. Let me know if you need me to post them and I'll dig them out InshaAllah.#) Shaytaan is jinn and he tries to keep you from ibadah so protect yourself against him. He loves to make people feel worried or distressed. There is a verse in the Qur'an about shaytaan tying knots. And research has shown that when we are stressed or upset, we get knots in our neurons in our brain - so one opinion is that shaytaan tries to affect these neurons to make us feel a certain way too. Allah knows best.

    But be strong and fight him. Also please rule out any medical or emotional problems first.
    Sara Editor

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