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Alone and don’t know what to do

upset lonely womanI don't know what to do with my life. I know the purpose of life is to worship Allah SWT, and I do my prayers. But i dont know where is my rizq, where i should live, how and what should i do.

As an immigrant in US, alone, aged, female, face many musibah (problems). I dont have anybody. I am tired, life is complicated, no matter how i try.

I think ALLAH SWT does not want me to be in this country. I live on loan and recent small charity. I cannot change my situation. So I want return to my country, but how?


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  1. Salamalakum sister
    where did you immigrate from?

  2. God bless you, say Astaghfar, trust on Allah and do your best. and leave for God, there is time for evey thing inn life and God will never leave u alone.SURE HE DOS NOT PUT PRESSURE MORE THAN ONE'S CAPACITY TO ABSORB PRESSURE,

    best regards,

  3. sister you need to return the loans first. dont think about anything else. is it a bank loan or simple loan from a person. get a part time job , the job who will give you more money.
    dont worry slowly the debt will be removed then think about coming to your own country. be patient.

  4. You didn't mention how old you are. and where you are from.

    I assume, you are around 40 and came from a third-world country. A country like USA is difficult for aged people. Because they can not work and can not earn money. If you are still in an age of marriage, then marry someone younger in your country. He will like to marry you to get a chance to go to USA and he can earn money for you. if you are too old to marry, then adopt a young boy under 30 and he will go to USA and take care of you.

    If you want to do it, let me know. I can give you more information about how to do it.

    • 40 years old is not "aged" nor is it a barrier to finding work. Lack of marketable skills is a barrier to finding work.
      Adopt a boy under 30? That is not a boy. That is a man, whether he's 29, 25 or 18.

  5. assalamualaikum sister. Life is a test trust in Allah and make dua, I'll will make dua for you inshallah okay. Everything will be okay inshallah. Befor you make any move or any plans make sure you make istikhara before you take action. Make dua that Allah increase you in provision and risk. Make Allah bless you with a good life in this life and the next amen. May Allah make it easy for you amen.

  6. OP: As an immigrant in US, alone, aged, female, face many musibah (problems). I don't have anybody. I am tired, life is complicated, no matter how i try.

    Did your family sponsor you? What kind of education you have? Are you healthy enough to work? There are millions of people who are alone. You need to make friends and find some kind of job. You can make connections with people at the mosque.

    Some times counties/States have programs to train people to make them employable. You can even find a job as a live in nanny. Millions of illegal people find work in USA.

    What State do you live in?
    Go do some volunteer work?

  7. Sister give us more information about yourself am in south africa

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