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Am I cheating to Allah and his creature??

Crying Muslim Woman

Assalam Alaikum ,

Thank you so much for being an helping hand.

This is my story where I was a simple Muslim girl working in It sector. Now my life is ruined like anything .

I met a guy who loved me alot he gave his life to me did everything for me when he had proposed me for marriage I said no, still after that he continued loving me even after saying no thousand times. The reason for saying no was just that he was born hindu, but meeting him I never felt he is hindu but starting being as a friend I tried to convey him Islamic messages he denied everytime so stopped saying him anything .

For him there is no difference in hindu muslim but for me it is, after trying al the way possible he never gave up, and even i was firm that I won't accept him.

But this made me feel his love it is obvious human nature you cannot resist the love. He always said that my intension of marrying you is not wrong so in that intension once and many times he hugged and kissed me I said please don't do it but still he continued doing it and again he started being physical to  me but it was not sex he made me to feel him physically though I was not willing and at some point of time for just few minutes or seconds I loosed myself (these happened not once but many times)  to him but I suire I never kissed him or hugged or made him feel from my side I was confident enough that I should not do it and even after saying no if this guy is doing to me then allah is watching definitely it's not my mistake and  being clear I never wanted to meet him he always forcefully took me where ever he wanted but also he was a very good human he never hurt any one in any manner but did this thing wrong to me, later than my parents and me fixed my marriage to a Muslim guy, that hindu guy started feel possessive and tortured me physically and mentally .

I realised later after my engagement that I had loosed myself to that hindu guy that is the main reason for his arrogance then I was repenting that how I did that even after saying no, he started blaming me that I am cheating him and my fiance, but allah is the proof that other than loosing myself for few seconds I didn't do anything to him.

My fiance came to know that some guy is there around me then I said him everything except that guy kissed me hugged and been physical to me.

Now you help me how should I come out of it every eye is questioning me , I am repenting dialy with salat u tauba asking allah for forgiveness.

But how shall I ask for forgiveness to my fiance. Please help me, I cannot tell him everything now at this point or he has tha right to know as he came to know about that guy being in my life, my fiance is very angry person I don't want to loose him nor want to cheat that hindu guy is saying I am cheating them both .

Reply me soon


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  1. Wa Alaikkum Salaam dear sister
    keep on repenting to allaah swt as what u have admitted him to the level of kissing or touching is haram but Rab is GafoorurRaheel "afun Gafoor and sure he will forgive if u sincerely repent and wont do it anymore and wont contact that hidu guy
    for anything just rely on Rabbul 'Aalameen and u may be tested but u will get his help finally
    dont lend ur ears to this guy and only way is to stop and break all type of contacts with this guy

    to ur fiance dont ever and never tell about kissing or any physical touches ,
    that had happened and it had past and thats dear for ever ,,,ok
    be stubbourn on this
    ur fianc will ask u repeatedly did u touch did he kiss did u fall bla bla bla(men nature)
    never admit
    just u have said to ur Rab & thats all

    start life with ur fiance and if any disturbances came from that guy after marriage like if he say bla bla to ur new hubby ,,,,just stubbornly tel ur hubby ,he is a liar and dont blive him and i love u ,,and only u
    never mind how good that guy was ,,,if u still think abt him then ur thauba is of no value
    if u did thawba then u muz forget and breal all kind of things be it contact or be it imagination u muz cut off
    so cutt of and start new life
    May Allaah swt bless u and ur famly
    ur brother

  2. What happen before you get engaged can not be changed, so don't let that dictate your future with your fiance. If your fiance push you into this discussion, don't be naive and do not mention about any physical contact. At the same time mention to your fiance that this hindu guy asked you out few times but you refused, now he is spreading lies to defame you. And to replant this guy, ask your fiance to man up and visit you/pick you in his presence. On your part moving forward, don't let your hindu colleague even touch you, let alone hug or kiss.

  3. I suggest you to change job and move away from him .I didn't understand when you said you loosened ? Are u trying to say you were not brave enough to resist his advances ? Or you wanted to enjoy physical touch by saying no no ? If has forcibly kissed you then it comes under ssxual harassment ? Lot of IT companies have strong policies ? Did he kiss you inside office ? Then CCTV might capture it and will act as evidence against him.

  4. You did very wrong.You cheated with your parents."The Quran says do not marry with Nonmuslim" Than why did you marry with mushrik boys.If you will die without Imaan in this world surely you will go to hell and also your parents.ALLAH says in the Quran and also Nabi S.A.W. said.Think about you parents.And pls leave that hindu boy and again accept Islam.ALLAH will forgive you.

    Nonmuslim is doing Conspiracy(Sajish) against Muslims.Rss people involved in this work and some others hindus also involved so we can't trust any hindu.Rss spread the network of hindu boys in colleges,coaching and also active in facebook.Hindu boys' doing this type of work.Whose work is that tarap in False Love.After that they try to marrige Muslim girl for convert her in hindu religion or destroy Muslim girls Life.So I am requesting all Muslim girls don't be fool if any hindu boy trying to impress you.Think about your parents.And facebook has many fake ids of hindu boys from the name of muslim.I am requesting to all Muslim Girls to tell about this Conspiracy(Sajish) your relatives girls and your Muslim friends.

  5. Pls search on youtube "I was just a toy for him" And see the BBC video on youtube. You will see the reality of nonmuslim boy

  6. It not just non Muslim boy but Muslim boys too that you will be the reality of on YouTube. They are both animals to be honest the Muslim guys here in western sleep around with all these white women and at the end of the day they want a virgin it's gross

    • Well said n true observations lana.. Moreover I would like to make it clear that if a girl wishes to choose a non Muslim as her husband whether it's with or without the consent of parents, it's not at all valid from the Islamic point of view n amounts to zina... So girls please stay away from silly relationship with non Muslim guys as you'll end up losing religion at some point or other n surrender yourself to someone worthless....

      • Just stay away from him n report to the police if he harasses you anymore.. If you're truthful n really repentant, then you will stay away n cut out that Hindu guy from your life.. Otherwise you're cheating yourself by making him easy to approach you any time now n then.. Have the guts to react..... Go n report to police..... Whatever it might be, this relation with Hindu guy is illegal n haram... It's zina... Stay away from it n don't fall prey in his traps

    • You are right lana it not about hindu or muslim it is all about individual, that is the reason gunah is increasing. But while it comes to blames only girls are blamed.

    • You are wrong lana if you are right than send me youtube link

  7. To the OP:

    What you are indulging in, at present, is Haraam. Plain and Simple!!! The only solution is cutting off all ties with this So-Called 'Pure Hearted' Hindu Guy, unequivocally. No Buts about that... If this guy persists in maintaining contact or starts harassing or blackmailing you, the best recourse is to file a Harassment/Molestation Complaint. Involving community leaders (The 'Falling for the Pure Hearted Guy' routine should be concealed from them) to put pressure on the police would be very effective too. The Law in India is very specific and harsh for such molestation/harassment cases. FIR would be filed without producing introductory proof.

    An Advise and note of Caution to all Readers:

    It has been informed by many witnesses and genuine sources that the Neo Hindu Terrorist/Right Wing Organizations in India, are willfully and systematically targeting gullible Muslim Women, both Married and Unmarried, in such scams, in an institutionalized method . Their modus operandi is to approach the targeted women either at workplaces, educational institutions and/or commercial establishments, try to gain trust and personal details including Mobile Nos., IM's, Emails etc., show off as being trustworthy, regular contact with the aim of transforming it to a romantic relationship. Their aims are either to take advantage of the women, sexually, emotionally and monetarily and eventual blackmail, making the women to slide into situations of being used by these goons' compatriots too, or repeat the first steps, stated earlier and then being forced to convert to Hinduism via their extensive 'Ghar Wapsi' Programmes.

    It has been observed that these goons mostly target Pubescent girls, college going girls, divorced/widowed women and married women with Husbands or male members of the Family, working abroad.

    So as a cautionary note, especially to Indian Members, in this forum, please take cognizance of any such instances either happened or suspect, in your nearest social and community circles and deal with such issues, appropriately.

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