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Am I committing a major sin?

I want some help because I have purchased a lottery ticket 🙁 just now my brother said its haram

is this a major sin 🙁 I don't know what to do now please help me

I am just 14 years old

have I committed a major sin

I am so scared

I want to win money because I want to make someone really happy if I give some money to a old poor person but I want something to buy with that too 🙁

Asadullah farooq

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  1. Salaam little bro

    Yes it is a sin to buy a lottery ticket because it's gambling. Also people get addicted and waste a lot of money on lotto and can even go bankrupt. This is why it is a sin. While winning the lotto is very slim for anyone, if you were to win, the money would be considered haram. There would be no reward in helping anyone, and if you were to spend the money on yourself, it would taint your Iman and Ibadat.

    The best thing to do is to get educated and become successful with the intention that you want to help the poor, and inshaaAllah, Allah will make you successful.

    inshaaAllah you will be in our prayers. May Allah preserve you and keep you pure and guided. May you always remember Allah before taking any action. Ameen.

    • Salaam bro
      Well I have promised that I won't miss any of my prayers
      And alhamdulillah I pray 5 times daily with all rakats
      I just wanted to have some money so I can help others and full fill my needs
      If it's a major sin so now I have no way to give these tickets back
      If I will give these to others so they will be going to commit a
      So now what should I do
      It's a prize bond
      If I am not going to get reward so I would get my same money back
      I love everyone so much
      And I have an other question
      My class fellows don,t love me like I do
      They think it's gay
      It's hurts me when they ignore me
      I don't have any best friend who really cares for me
      I have foreign country friends (boys only) who really love me so much and care for me. But my class fellows don't
      Foreign country friends call me angel because I am really sweet and I care for them a lot
      I am like highly sensitive boy

      • Simple..throw it away !!!

        • Throw it away give the amount you spend on it to charity.

          As for your other problems.. Where do you live? America, UK? Western people do not show affection to the same sex. They also do not go out of their way for other people. When do they ignore you and when do they show you attention?

          Foreign people are a bit kinder. They have a tad better akhlaq. It would be best for you to make friends who are Muslim maybe from masjid youth group, Quran class. Make them your go to... Play sports with them partake is masjid activities. Study with them.

          As far as being sensitive ... I don't know what to say about that. People tend to walk all over sensitive people ... Take advantage of them. Just pray to Allah to protect you and always surround you with loving and kind people.

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