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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. Thank you and may Allah (SWT) Bless you for guiding people with your best intentions toward truth and right conduct. My husband and I stopped having sex 5 years ago. I moved out from his house 3 years ago. I bought my own house over a year and a half ago. I am doing fine on my own and have a full time job in which I am very happy. My son (11 years old) is thriving and doing well in school. He spends some time with his father every week. Our entire Muslim community is very well aware that we are "divorced." We never made the formal public announcement. Now that I am interested in remarrying my ex-husband is suddenly claiming that we are still married. He is trying to use this to manipulate me and says that he "will not divorce me officially" unless I sign over full custody of our son. I will certainly not agree to this. I do not believe that we are still married since the entire community is already aware of our divorce and I have MORE than repaid my mahr. Am I divorced? Thank you and Jazka'Allah Khair!


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  1. if you are not impregnated in the three months and if he has given you three times talaq then you are considered as divorced. you are saying you guys didnt touch each other for a very long time that simply means there is no relation between you both.
    it is not necessary to divorce officially because according to islamic law and in the presence of Allah that man has divorced you and Allah is the bear witness of it .
    you should contact your lawyer and ask him to get you divorced officially for your own relief and for the proof .

  2. Assalam oalikum. I wanted to ask u that my husband had left me n three kids in Pakistan 1 year ago (18-9-2015) with no contact of any type, we use to live in Abu dhabi. Now on (11-8-2016) he sent me divorced deed from Abu Dhabi, all printed form n he signed along with two friend as witness, plain paper with no stamp. So am I divorced. What about my iddat?

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