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Am I doing wrong?

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I have a question.

I am in love with a very old friend of mine. He does even reciprocate the feelings. 2 years ago he was head over heels in love with me and wanted to marry but I was too afraid and was not in love with him at that time. In this period he fell in love with his coworker, who is now getting married to some other guy. My friend is depressed and due to which he is asking me to give him time for our better future. At present I am in love with him. I am praying daily including tahajjud and hajaat. Am I doing wrong?



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  1. Salam Im not sure if this guy is gay because im not undetstanding you exactly ut i do know is move on advice to you is build a solid foundation our weak and understanding is not there which is ok because we are always learning our weakness so dont take it personal ..1st pray 5 times a day on time master it perfect it even the prerequisites eg.wudu you must read daily quran ..that is your world....the virtues are tomany to your education aswell contribute tp the world such as CHARITY and other good deeds must learn to put trust in Allah but on the other hand if you listening looking eating haram they will effect you and the duas? Understand ..look marriage is a serious thing the majority of muslim have fallen into a trap they disregard that the person that has iman is the last thing on the list...

  2. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

    Please keep praying and continue asking for guidance. If he is meant to be in your life, he will walk his way towards you, whether you are doing something wrong or right Allah SWT is the best judge. As humans we all react in a certain way that we feel is right.. only through prayers you can seek guidance..



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