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Am I sinner and deserve what a sinner deserves?

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Assalam u allakum brother and sisters,

Today I am going to share an old painful memory. When I was a child ,my cousin takes me to a room and lock the room and try to do wrong things with me,I don't remember now what he did ,I just remember that I was crying and saying to him that don't do that and leave me and he said just one more time and he will let me age may be below 6 years and his was may be 13 to 17 years.

Now he is living so happily and I am in pain,just remembering it give me pain.I heard if a boy and girl do sin than they both deserves the punishment of sin. But if it happiness in my case(cause I don't know what really happeneds)than do I deserves punishment?


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  1. Salam, what happened between you is called rape or sexual assualt. You haven't sinned, he molested you and you are innocent because you had no consent in this, the only way to remove the pain is to forgive him. You are not a sinner, you are a victim. You haven't sinned, you can forgive him, because it's the best thing in the world. Forgiveness is sweeter than revenge. Don't forgive him for him, forgive him for you.

  2. My dear friend ,
    please yaar ....past is past
    In ur case u don't have sin because ur a innocent and ur a kid in that time (i said that as a doctor )u don't know what happened to you

    So please don't feel guilty yaar
    Allah knows everything what is right and what is wrong ...
    I hope you understand what I'm saying
    Allah's blessings always with you my dear friend

  3. Asslaamualaykum Falak,

    I'm sorry for what you went through in the hands of your cousin, and no, you are not a sinner! I agree with Abdulaziz that the best remedy is perhaps to forgive. It sounds like your cousin is no longer doing these things to you, so it may be possible to forgive and move past it for a happier life.

    Inshallah you will find peace.



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