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An outside man has made my mom hate me

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Assalam walekum

Please help me....My mother having affair with other man and because of him we fight a lot. My father doesn't know about him.

I am 16 and have 3 siblings and we all know about her affair. Recently we had a big fight. I was very angry when I saw him outside of my house when no one was there except my mother, so I fought with her why he was here and as always she try to cover him.

Now she is not talking to me at all. Yesterday I was very very sick.... she didn't even come ask me how was I feeling, instead she came in my room and started to talking to him happily like I did not exist in her life. It hurt very much.

She is my mother, I love her, but she is acting like an enemy - a step mother - and trying everything to take away my freedom. She is blaming everything on me. I am very bad daughter. She wished I was never even born. I am just a burden on her. An outside man made my mom hate me. Please help me this is a mental torture. I feel like my life is ruined....


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  1. The new man is non Mehram and in Islam it is not allowed to have contacts with non mehrem .Tell your mom that what she is doing is haraam in Islam .

    Also tell the situation to your dad and let he handle it .

  2. As Salam O Alaikum

    Dear Sister .. I think you should first tell all this about your mother to your father

    If your father has a hold in house, ultimately he is the one who can make that man stop coming to your home

    Also i would like to ask the reason behind your moms such behaviour ? I dont want to get much personal , but i feel somewhere within there as to be something to it.

    ALLAH (SWT) has made Human beings with free will .. Many a times we go haywhere and end up doing mistakes. But HE the most loving also he made us do TAWBAH .. Which we must always we do wrong or we dont.

    Wa Salam

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