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Anemia, Weight Gain and Warts

I have been diagnosed with Anemia , I am losing hair and gaining weight, I am yet to get married in 2 months , I had a very thick and strong hair , but I lost all of them and lost my confidence with it, I have warts on my face which make me feel more worst, please advice me some dua I can recite to stop losing my hair and grow back the ones I lost , get a healthy skin and regain the desirable personality I earlier had, since the doctors medicine also did not work on my hair & skin & my weight keeps increasing. I feel depressed that I would look and appear ugly on my wedding with such thin hair and fat body. I have never been through this embarrassment in my life and I often cry when I think about this 🙁


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    If you look in the drop-down menu "Dua in Islam" (above), it has some dua for when someone is sick. InshaAllah you may find something helpful there.

    If your doctor hasn't done so already, it might be worth asking him or her to check some hormone levels in your blood. Some hormonal imbalances (such as thyroid problems) can cause people to have symptoms similar to those you describe, and most of these imbalances can be fairly easily corrected with medication.

    It may be that the medicine from your doctor needs to be adjusted, or it might be one which takes time to work (a lot of medicines take up to a few weeks or even longer to have a noticeable effect). Your doctor should be able to discuss this with you and provide you with alternatives if it isn't working for you.

    There are other practical things you can do to keep well and to reduce the impact of the symptoms you describe.

    Make sure that you're eating healthily and getting plenty of green leafy vegetables (a good source of nutrients) and halal meat if you eat meat (it's a good source of iron, which can help reduce anemia) - don't starve yourself, but keep an eye on portion sizes so that you aren't eating too much.

    Keep your skin clean and moisturised. In the lead up to the wedding, avoid putting on make-up, as it's got lots of chemicals in it which can irritate sensitive skin. Use a gentle hypoallergenic moisturiser with sun protection included, and a gentle cleanser. It might also help to see a dermatologist (a doctor who specialises in skin conditions) as they may be able to offer you treatment that could reduce any warts or irritation.

    Depending on your hair type, you could try using an intensive conditioning mask a couple of times per week. Hijab can be a great way of protecting your hair from environmental damage; just make sure that you don't pull your scarf too tight and avoid tight tube underscarves - they can pull on hair, which can cause fragile hair to break. If you can, try a silk scarf or a silk underscarf, as silk can be gentler on your hair.

    And remember that the man you're marrying has inshaAllah chosen to marry you because of who you are, not just for your physical appearance. May Allah bless you with a happy marriage and good health for the future.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Asslamualaikum dear sister,
    As you have 2months left in your marriage. I would advise you to treat yourself with homeopathy and it will cover all your diseases as allopathy does not provide permanent cure for hair loss and warts.
    There is an ayurvedic lotion for warts and you can apply on your face. . . Its name is WARTOSIN. One of my friend had warts and he got rid of them within weeks. For hair use homeopathic hair oil - arnica and jaborandi.
    For weight loss you can have a natural remedy . . .
    Take one teaspoon full of pure honey(organic) and one teaspoon lemon juice and mix them in one glass of lukewarm water. Take one glass on empty stomach in the morning. INSHAALLAH you can lose upto 5kgs in a month.
    Visit a good homeopathic doctor he will guide you for your weight and other problems.
    And remember us in your prayers. Remember medicine and dua are both necessary.
    And about anemia use dates as the are beneficial for blood deficiency. Take 3-4 dates in the morning and evening.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    As far as I know, anemia doesn't have a direct correlation to weight gain. And anemia is usually pretty easy to treat with iron supplements or increasing the red meat consumption in your diet.

    I agree that you should have a more comprehensive medical evaluation to see what may be causing the weight gain, and make sure that you aren't overeating without being aware of it under the stress of your upcoming wedding. Sometimes simple stress can cause all the things you've described as well, and even happy events like a wedding can be stressful.

    As far as your hair, just keep in mind that if you have been wearing hijab your husband to be doesn't know what your hair looks like normally. If you've lost some thickness, you may be the only one who can notice. Hair growth patterns change at different times as we age, and in some cases it's normal for someone with thicker hair to get some loss and thinning in their early adult years. If you start to notice that it's extreme, then that would need to be treated by a specialist.

    -Amy Editor

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