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I have anger problems from reciting Surah Tauba

When I was in college, I used to recite surah tauba everyday, and only that because I wanted to end all the fear.  I was clueless what to read. It was stupid, but after reading surah tauba for long time I became very angry. I couldn't control my anger. I had a fight in college- I was beating a guy in college on a topic which is not at all worthy, even for arguing. I didn't even see where I was or what I was doing. There I was, beaten up a couple years back in college.

Since then I feel humiliated. They live near my house, and college is also near my house, and now everyone knows about it- even my cousin. Also my career, family life and everything is destroyed after I read only surah tauba everyday for a long time. I want to end my life because I cannot live life like this. I don't want to suicide as it is haram, I just want to die. Even if I take revenge or kill someone, it will not be a solution because now I have become a topic of laughter. Please don't tell me it's haram and all, I know all that. Please let me know some dua or way to die!

-abid hussain

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  1. It is not Surah Tauba that made you angry.

    Allaah Knows the Best!

  2. AsSalaamu Alaikum Brother,

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. InshaAllah you will get better.

    Though, I do not think the anger problems affected you by reciting Surah Tauba. I think you need to visit a therapist and work on your anger issue. But if it's in deed from reciting Surah Tauba, then I'd think it's not you, but a jinn, since the surah contains severe anger of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and a very strong warning for the hypocrites among the Muslims, and for the Polytheists, and for the unbelievers from the Christians and Jews.

    So if you do not feel good after reciting surah Taubah, or you feel angry due to it, then there is nothing I could say other than saying, it's a jinn that is hating you reciting the surah because the warning/anger of the Almighty Allah affects him/her too. If this is the case then your cure is in the same surah, inshaAllah. Read it even more and listen to it even more. Read it everyday, and listen to it a lot, especially when you go to sleep, put it on continous play.

    Also, you should visit an Imam and let him do ruqya for you.

    Though I would suggest combining the therapist and the Imam at the same time, or go to the therapist first and then if he says you are ok, then you go to the Imam.

    For the meantime, you may listen to the surah Taubah recited by Sheikh Salah al-Budair (I like to listen to surah Tawbah recited by Sheikh Salah al-Budair).

    As you may also listen to this strong Ruqya

    • Asalaam wa alaykum, who needs a therapist when we have this sort of advice line ever..."If this is the case then your cure is in the same surah, inshaAllah" Indeed I too think it is a jinn and in the Quran Surah At Tauba indeed is your cure inshaAllah.

  3. Salaams,

    I agree that you can't blame this on your recitation of the surah. The Quran is a means of healing and guidance, so there is no possible way that it could have the opposite effect. To believe so borders on disbelief.

    I agree with Issah, you should seriously look into getting counseling and perhaps even mood stablizing medications to help you control yourself. Anger problems are one of the worst things to have. A man came to the Prophet SAWS once asking for a word of advice, and though the Prophet SAWS could have given any advice about anything -ibadah, belief, salat, etc- he told the man not to get angry. The man even asked again and again for advice, but the answer was always the same: do not get angry. That should tell you how important it is to find a way to control it, because I believe the Prophet advises us on the most vital aspects of life when he is approached in a way that he can give any answer.

    -Amy Editor

  4. MsA very wise advice brother issah. I second that completely

  5. Salam Alaykom,
    Try reading surah al baqarah, it is a Very very strong surah that truly heals anything wrong with anyone. It also calms you and keeps you protected from ALL evil.

  6. Aslaam brother i am sorry to hear about your situation i agree its not surah tauba but the shaitan that is making you angry. I would advise on the ettaquites of riceting proply. Example forgetting about worldly thoughts. And also advise heading brother issah (above) advice.

  7. Salaam Brother
    This is a psychological problem. Just consult some doctors and take some antidepressent, you will be fine. Its better to keep reciting a number of other Suras along with Sura Taubah and you should complement your readings with other Suras. One of the most important things we forget darud shareef, try to read darud shareef (though shaitan will hinder this ) as many times as possible and I am sure you will be fine InShaAllah.

  8. Don't be stupid because no surah can make you get mad. All Surahs help you, but it was just a jinn that made you like that.

    • Assalamu alaikum brother
      I know u read alot of comments regarding ur situation n u come to know that ALLAH SUBHANA WATALLAH's kalam is the cure for every illness n after reciting the Holy Quran one must feel as purified n this Holy book was sent to our HOLY PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SALLALAHO ALEIHE WAA ALIHI WASALLIM WHO IS BLESSING BY ALLAH AZAWAJAL TO MUSLIM UMMAH AND HIS TEACHINGS HAS A LESSON FOR EVERY NATION AROUND ALL OVER THE WORLD .....SO u cant blame that ur anger was because of reading these verses i advice u dnt say anything wrong about Our HOLY BOOK just grant forgiveness FROM ALLAH AZAWAJAL WITH DEVOTION N LISTEN SURAH BAKARAH N AZAN INSHA ALLAH AZAWAJAL UR ANGER WL BE eliminated n u wl become a good person INSHA ALLAH MAY ALLAH SUBHANA WATALLAH HELP U AMEEN

  9. Astaghfar karo aur kalma paro aur darood shareef paro,aur mufti sab k pass ja kr ilm hasil karo

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