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I wanted to know the answer of istakhara that i requested my aunty.She is very religious woman.

I wanted to migrate to Australia so I asked her to please do istekhara for me if my going to Australia would be good for me or not.She agreed and did istakhara for me.

After 7 days i called my aunt and asked her if she saw or got reply from doing istikhara.

She replied"I saw nothing but on the 3 rd day of Istakhara While i was sleeping i felt earthquake ."When I woke up I asked my children if there was an earthquake or not?They replied "no".

I came to Australia with my 13 year old daughter.From the day 1st till now I amfacing terrible problems that noone would beleive.

I am divorced. since 12 years .I thought ill come to Australia for spending better life and providing best future to my daughter.But theres no such thing .

I am in a worst situation with no job.If i get job it lasts not more than 2 days and at the most a month.What should I do?Can you provide me any dua that will overcome my problems and change my misfortune? I have already faced so many problems back in my own country.My psychological condition is getting worse as per this whole situation .Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,



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  1. Assalaamualaykum Mehvish,

    I am truly sorry to hear of your recent struggles, but please know that Allah is making you stronger through this trial and that you will come through it to the other, brighter side Inshallah. I would like to advise you on a couple of points that will make this easier.

    First off, the Salat Al-Istikhara and/or the Istikhara dua is to be performed by you, the individual making the decision, rather than your aunt or other religious entities. You can find information on this dua in the "Istikhara Questions and Answers" tab in the blue menu at the top of this page. Once you perform the prayer and make dua, it is again only you who will know the answer to the dua. You are asking Allah for the very best for you, to ease the way to it, and make you happy with his decree. Basically, your answer will be a very strong feeling or stronger feeling in your heart toward one thing over will alsp see evidence of Allah's decision for you in the way that events naturally unfold following the dua.

    Because you didn't know this, I'm sure that Allah accepted her Istikhara on your behalf, as He is merciful and All-knowing. What you need to realize is that the answer of the Istikhara doesn't always bring immediate comfort. There is sometimes a test in the answer that is better for your akhira and long-term, a test that requires patience and a great deal of faith as you are experiencing right now.

    The great news for your situation is that yes, there are plenty of duas you can make that will benefit you! To highlight a couple of duas specific to job hunting, this first is a dua to get the best employment and settle in a proper place with good facilities:

    Wakathalika makannaliyoosufa fee alardi yatabawwao minnahaythu yashao nuseebu birahmatinaman nashao wala nudeeaau ajra almuhsineena

    ...and this next a dua for income/one of Allah's attributes that you can call Him by when in distress:

    Ya Musabbi-Bal Asbaab (Oh Provider of Opportunities!)

    A couple of general duas for distress include the following:

    Rabbi inni lemaa anzalta elayya min khairin faqeer (My lord! I am needy of whatever good you send down for me...Surat Al Qasas)

    Allahumma rahmataka aarjoo falaa takilnee ila nafsee tarfata 'ayn, w aslih lee sha nee kullahu la illaha ila ant (Oh Allah, I hope for your Mercy. Do not put me in my own charge for even the blinking of an eye. And make all of my affairs better and good. There is none worthy of worship except you.)

    I assure you that things will work out for your best when you supplicate with these duas!

    Remember that everything happens by the Will of Allah and moving to Australia would not have been possible if it wasn't Allah's decree for you. You have only to keep your faith and He will light the way.

    Please don't give up, hang in there, and may Allah bless you and your daughter abundantly!



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