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Any surahs I can recite to make a man marry me?

i want to make space in a man's heart for me whom i have known for 6 months. however he is not a muslim nor marriage material. i would like him to revert to islam but it isn't to do that. he isn't looking for marriage but i would like him to marry me. Any surahs i can recite help me plz.

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  1. Asalaamualaikum....

    Why do you want to marry a man who is not marriage material?

    It seems as though maybe you are besotted with a man whom you are just physically attracted to...

    So he's not marriage material, nor is he many things will you try to change in him??

  2. I can understand where she is coming from....feelings are really hard to diminish and no-one at the time can understand but you have to think realistically and with a cool minded frame of thought!!
    In some traditions a Drug dealer is classed not marriage material and maybe the guy will not change his habits...but if you don't take a gamble how will you ever know???
    Being a non-Muslim with no intentions of converting well that is a big disaster on the may love him but meeting someone for only such a small amount of period how can you be soo sure that the feelings you have and the commitment involved in marriage is great and is your relationship strong enough for that...sometimes we believe that we can change some-one and a lot of the time we're unsuccessful!!
    I would talk to this guy and tell him the situation without excluding your real feelings and thoughts about it!!
    If he is still showing signs of no compromise then i would consider walking away!!
    You can do injustice to your loved ones even yourself but to your can you rebel against your religious principles!!

  3. if this person has feeling for you then this is good to research and convert him to islam before you marry because later they refuse and you then move away from islam yourself. I am a strong beleiver in reading such surats to gain as Allah helps in lots of ways.

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