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Is halal to put braces for teeth?

Worried young woman

as-salam alaikum

my name is saniyah I am 21 yrs old.. i just wanna ask that i have a crooked teeth so can i apply braces for teeth sis told me that islam doesn't allow anyone to change the look of face plucking eyebrows is haram for any reason ..same for teeth can u help me by giving advice ..

Allah Hafiz

- saniyah


Answer given by María M,

As salamu alaykum sister saniyah,

If this is done for the purpose of medical treatment, or to remove a deformity or to avoid other physical problems as inflammation of their gums, such as when a person is unable to eat unless his teeth are corrected, then there is nothing wrong with that.

María Editor

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  1. Salaam sister. This explains what I am trying to say well so I pasted it:

    'There is no harm in dental braces if the objective is to bring the teeth to their original position after an accident, malfunction or deformation. for example my sister has a overbite which causes her to crunch her teeth at night, this degrades her teeth, so it allowed. its a medical treatment so its a-okay :)'

    If your teeth really are crooked then it is halal as it is not 'beautification' but rather is fixing a deformity. If the deformity is very minor then it may be best to leave braces however. As long as you are not changing to beautify rather than fix it should be halal. And Allah swt knows best.

    Sara Editor

  2. How is this different from having a nose job to correct a crooked nose?

    True, sometimes we get crooked teeth through an accident or mouth deformity. But for most, teeth grow in either straight or crooked. Crooked teeth are not considered a deformity. Some people have overbites that are unattractive but don't cause any problems, and soem people have underbites that are unattractive but don't cause problems. sometimes the front teeth aren't straight and look "crowded" (i.e. bunched together). This is not a deformity - its just the way the teeth were grown in. I myself had an overbite that was not overly unsightly, but, my parents wanted me to have nice, straight teeth and a nice smile. I think the latter is the reason most people get braces. To validate my point, braces are almost never covered by insurance, because they are consdered cosmetic.

    So to clarify your point (because I'm not sure if it is clear) - are braces allowed only if the crooked teeth cause medical problems? They are not allowed if they are merely to straighten the teeth to promote a nicer smile?

  3. assalamualaikum, I'm 19 year old. When I was younger, I had very beautiful teeth. It is a milik teeth actually. When my permanent teeth started to grow.......

    (Remainder of question deleted by Editor)

    • Dear Dinah,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. I am very sure you are still beautiful now aswell :O)

      SisterZ Editor

  4. Aoa,

    I think one should avoid braces as much as possible, if without them one is doing fine. I'm talking from experience. its in our best interests and Allah knows best.

  5. Is it permissible to wear braces in Islam? My upper teeth are way ahead then my lower teeth. it was not naturally like. I don’t have any problem in eating. Can I still get braces to move my teeth back to their normal position?

  6. assalamualaikum, i just wanted to know if i can get braces to straighten my teeth and to get rid of my 3 front gaps which i have. Is that permissible in islam?

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