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Are we able to adopt?

Allah Tests who He Loves

I am in distress these past few months. After 10 years of marriage I am still childless, there is no medical reason, for either one of us, there is no faith issue for either one of us, there was no sin for either one of us. We have looked into adoption and have been told it is not permitted for us. I was so accepting for this for many years. I do not know how to explain the knowing that there is something missing inside that Allah wants to place with us. We have even spoken to tradition adoption agencies but feel that we are overlooked because we will raise our child with an Islamic upbringing.

We live in the USA, so my question is does anyone know of adoptions we are allowed to have? Or someone in need of  adoption of their child, knowing the baby will be brought up Muslim. I have seen some post from the past of a girl saying she wanted to place her child. I did not find anything recent I do not know where else to turn. My heart is broken. I feel broken. I do not know what else to do, my heart is heavy, May Allah bless us all in our needs more than our desires. Could it really be I am to be childless forever?

- nofatima

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  1. You never know sister what Allah has written for you. Whatever happens it's good because it's Allah who plan for every second. Don't loose hope sister one of my sister in law conceived after 25yrs. So you don't know what will happen. Issue about adoption well I don't live in USA and I really don't know much about it. But what's the reason you cnt scope from Muslim organization?

    May Allah help you ....

  2. You need to calm down and relax, sister. 10 months is not a long time to have tried for a baby, I think doctors recommend couples to try for at least 12 months. So don't get discouraged already. I'm sure you worrying too much, getting stressed out and depressed is certainly not helping you to get pregnant...

    You can try to keep calm, but maybe also make some lifestyle changes if you don't live particularly healtily. Be physically active, keep your mind at reast and eat well. Stop smoking if you or your husband do that...and make lots of du'a...

  3. Sorry, I thought it said 10 months...

  4. If you really wish to adopt, have you tried the international adoption route? I think India and Russia are still open for international adoptions, and perhaps even China.

    Pakistan has an agency called the Cradle Foundation, located in Karachi. I know of at least two couples who have adopted newborns from there.

    I'm assuming you have tried IVF and other assistive reproductive procedures?

    If all of the above do not work, then perhaps you do have to accept your destiny of being childless. Difficult, but achievable.

  5. Regarding the IVF treatments, read this before going ahead with it.

    I dont know the whole of ur case, as in whether u have miscarriages etc or other marital problems, so the reason why I asked u to watch those videos and contact that raqi was just in case u or ur husband are afflicted. Have a quick look at this fatwa

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