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Are we permitted to marry?

brother sister breastfed mother's milk

Please answer this question. Its very important. I am looking to marry my cousin whose brother drank my mother's milk.

Is she permissible for me? She herself hasn't had my mother's milk nor did I have her mother's milk but only her brother has had it.

Please answer it immediately.

~Musa Khan

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  1. Salaams,

    In my understanding, the issues pertaining to "milk siblings" only apply to the person who actually nursed, and any other siblings are not a factor. So, in your case, if the person you want to marry did not actually nurse at the same breast that YOU did, and they meet all other Islamic conditions, you may marry them.

    -Amy Editor

    • Sister Amy is right. Recently i read this fatwa from some scholar. You can marry this guy as he was not the one who drank milk from the same person as you drank.


  2. Salamu'alaikum,

    Brother, the cousin brother you mentioned, if he drank your mothers milk in the first two years of his life, he is your foster brother. But his blood sister has no such relation to you. And she is not among those mentioned in Surah Nisa' Aayaat 23 and 24. So, insha Allah, you can marry her

    Muhammad Waseem

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