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Asking for advice and explanation to my situation

When I was younger I used to have bad friends which eventually made me behave just like them just to fit with them. I had a boyfriend and we had some kind of skinship but I did not loose my virginity (to anyone who's going to ask) afterward I realised that what I'm doing is wrong and I started to focus on my studies and prayer and staying away from those kind of people which lasted for years (till now and I don't want be the bad girl again) now a few days ago my father passed away ..  does that make me "bnt saleha" because I did toubah? As they say the parents are responsible for their girls..


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  1. Dear sister,

    Allah swt has promised forgiveness for those who genuinely repent. It seems like you have genuinely repented as you have not returned to the sin you repented from. This is a condition of tawbah that we leave the sin. Allah loves those who repent. You found your way back to the righteous path and that is a blessing of Allah swt.

    Allah willing, you will be considered a pious daughter because you left the wrongs you were involved in and you are striving to please Allah swt. Your parents are fortunate to have a daughter like you.

    Parents are responsible for giving their children an Islamic upbringing. However, parents are not responsible for any sins the children commit privately. No one can control what another person does in privacy. No one is held accountable for something out of their control.

    Your parents will be rewarded for the good deeds you are performing now because they are your means of coming into this world and they gave you a good upbringing. May Allah swt forgive your parents and keep you steadfast on the path of righteousness.

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