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Aunt is putting black magic on us, I can’t live like this

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It is a very long post but I need to tell the whole thing to understand it myself.

I am a 17 year old Muslim who has been suffering with fights and quarrels in my family for 2 years. It all started 2 years ago. We were living peacefully- my mother, father and my brother. We used to live with our paternal aunt (my father's sister) and her family.

Suddenly one day, my aunt said something which made my mother angry and she stopped talking to my aunt and her family which caused us to move into a different house. When this happened, my maternal aunt and uncle (my mother's brother and his wife) used to come to our house a lot. We thought they were supporting us and were there to help. We finally found a house for ourselves, but we had to wait 2 months until we got to live in it.

Since we did not have much money to buy a new house, we had to sell our old one first, so my maternal uncle offered for us to live at his house for rent. My mom was very happy and thankful to him. During that whole year a lot happened between me and my family. At times I used to get angry at my mom for almost nothing, and used to argue with her and shout at her. Before moving to their house I was a practicing Muslim. I used to pray 5 times (I used to pray Qaza for Fajr prayer) and I never fought with my mom like I do now.  After moving to their house I changed completely. I became violent and very vengeful. I was very arrogant. I used to fight my mother everyday. I used bad language and said pretty bad things and even left off praying.

Our time for shifting to our new house was coming, but soon it got delayed for a month. Each month it got delayed and before we knew it, a whole year had passed. None of us knew what was happening but it was not a normal case since our documents for the house (which the government officials had) disappeared and new ones were made which took a lot of time.

My mother used to go to Al-Huda (An Islamic Teaching Center) where her teachers and some colleagues found out that our maternal uncle's wife was going to a person (Ghazi Baba) who used the help of Jinns to harm and to help at times. Once I fell ill and got hepatitus B, during which I could not feel any hunger and had not felt any hunger for 2 weeks. But one day my uncle took me to Ghazi Baba and he put his hand on my stomach and mumbled something, after which I got hungry very badly within minutes. But yet she was going to Ghazi Baba to take his help to harm us and to take happiness away from us. It was later proved as well when we began to avoid her she started to disturb and tease us on very little things.

On top of that, one day a white hair (as long as that of a woman) came out of my mouth, even though there was no one with white hair living with us at that time. I also dreamt that I was in a room full of snakes, black and green colored. My brother used to vomit everyday and no medicine ever worked on him.

Then, just before we shifted to our new house, my mother had hidden everything about our progress in leaving to our new house. In just a week everything was ready, and we were able to shift to our new house. After shifting, they started visiting again and again without any reason. But the most common day they visited was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every time they left after visiting us, something bad would happen- either there was a fight between me and my mom, or my brother. Since my dad is away at his work place, nothing has affected him.  But once he fell down inside the house and was bleeding and was calling out for us, but no one heard him even though we were in the house. Just after he fell down, our aunt and uncle came. (Coincidence, I think not!)

Now my O Level Exams were near, and I had worked very hard the whole year for them and had got very excellent marks ALHUMDULILLAH throughout the year. I used to keep the door closed when studying with my teacher, but one day before a certain exam, my aunt deliberately entered my room even though my teacher and other students were there and came to shake hands with us for no reason. The next day I forgot everything in that exam and got a very low grade on that paper even though I got excellent results on all other papers.

Secondly my teacher also fell sick very badly. Now 3 months have passed since my exams, and my mom had asked me to stay in my room and lock the door whenever my aunt and uncle used to come. During this time my mom told the truth to her brother about his wife- that she was using the help of Ghazi Baba to harm us using black magic. He never believed her and began bringing his wife more than usual and throughout that time, a hatred took place within my brother's and my heart for our uncle and aunt both. And whenever they came, we had a fight with mom.

Just a while ago, our uncle stopped bringing his wife, but still nothing changed. Two days ago, he came alone and dipped his finger in our food to taste it, which I got angry about and argued with my mom after which she stopped talking to me. Yesterday our Uncle came and cried in front of our mom and lied to her that we had slammed our door very hard to annoy him. But ALLAH knows best, we did not do that. After that our uncle went to other people's houses and told everyone this lie. The whole day he and my mom cursed me and my brother while crying.

My mom thought that our uncle used to wear a taweez through which black magic was transferred, so she cut it yesterday herself but there is still no change. Now our whole family is against me and my brother and no one believes us. Mom is still not talking to us and is not believing us even though we had to swear on ALLAH's name and we held the Quran itself while telling her. Now everyone sees us as if we are animals. They don't even talk to us with respect.

What should we do? We even cried a lot and in front of our mother, and even apologized to her but nothing is working. I cried in front of ALLAH in my prayers but nothing is changing. Now I even think of running away or attempting suicide even though it's haram, but I don't want to live a life like this. There is not a single person, not even our parents who are defending us. Please pray for us and give advice and tell me about any special duas that might work. May ALLAH forgive us and help us through this tough time. IN SHAA ALLAH, AMEEN!

JAZAKALLAH for listening and for future help.


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  1. As-salam-alaikum dear brother,

    I am sorry to hear what you and your family is going through. I am not an Islamic scholar hence i cant say anything about black magic thing. but i would like to say that the kind of stressful circumstances you and your family had, its natural to get affected in general as well as that it can affect a person's personality especially of younger like yours that how you became violent and vengeful. And its natural that if a person behaves differently in any way, it definitely affects the whole family, so this is what happened to you and your family.

    About you, you committed a grave mistake of leaving saleh, no matter how hard conditions you had at your end, you should have continued your prayers as prayers and dhikr would have become a shield to protect you from any harm. your leaving prayers made way for shaitan and other negative things (like black magic etc) to enter within you and your family. that's why you all are suffering. I would strongly recommend to start your prayers regularly without miss, pray tahajjud also if you can. it will keep you calm and balanced. seek help of Allah (Swt). Ask your family members to offer their prayers on time and regularly. All of you recite four Qul and Aytal Kursi as much as you can to fight back negativity and to keep shaitan away.

    i have heard in a hadees that eating 7 dates in the morning (before fajr)keeps the person safe from any black magic till evening. so you /your family can start eating it.

    Recite holy quran in every room of your house. Recitation of holy Quran should be done preferably by all members of the family, if possible sometimes jointly and make duas after recitation.

    You try to be normal to your parents especially your mother. take a control on your behaviour and tongue while dealing with your mother. Remind yourself that she is your mother, she is elder, Jannah is her feet. She is already pained because of all that is going on and how her relationship with her brother got affected in this all. you must ask yourself to not to increase her pain through your rough behaviour. whenever you feel like to yell at her or say bad to her, remind yourself that Allah (swt) is watching you, say Astaghfirruah and try to move away from there to calm yourself down.

    Go to any authentic islamic scholar to know about/cure for black magic.

    Try to develop a positive attitude and keep hopes in Allah (swt).

    It is said in holy Quran "Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they change that which is in their hearts.
    So you start changing yourself and the atmosphere around in light of islam, insha-allah things will soon turn to better. Aameen

    Your sister

  2. Make sure that Surat al baqarah is playing around the house day and night non stop.

  3. Dear Brother,

    Read surah-e-falaq and surah-e-naas and surah-e-kausar each 100 times every day and below on water.
    Use this water, the whole day drinking you and anyone who has been affected.

    Sprinkle this water on four corners of every room of your house particularly those in which you sleep.

    Use zaitoon oil and mix a few of the water in such oil and massage on the whole body particularly your head, your neck, and your backbone.

    If you are affected by demons, then, you will have bad dreams frequently through which your sleep would not be good. After getting you will not be feeling fresh.

    Your mother need to drink this water also as she might also been under magic as she is not listening to you.

    If you want to prove your family that the family is affected then ask everyone of them about their dreams and whether they see snakes, dogs, or buffalows in dreams or do they see themseleves in bath room, or do they find in dreams that something of theirs is lost. These are all symptoms that you are affected by demons which usually come as a result of black magic. Moreover, their sleep would also not be good one and they will not be offering prayer.

    After offering salat, put your right hand on your head and recite surah-e-falaq and surah-e-naas in sequence 11 times, this will also have a good healing effect. Always try to offer prayer in Jamat.

    Muhammad Imran Khan

  4. Are you sure u have not twisted the reality and why change your name and post entire story as saad Phillips ??? Wonder what is that about umair

  5. As salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Brother recite Ayat 148 200 times morning 200 times evening of Surah Al Baqarah. Affected by black magic myself and it helps in sha Llah

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