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i was born in an arabic muslim country and by the age of 5 or 6 i was molested by 5 people i dont know if that had anything in me wanting men as a little boy i became used to being touched by them then people kids started pointed to me that i was faminie and acted sounded walked and looked like a girl, i then started liking that famimnine side it was innocent beautiful, full of life, the only thing was in a nation of islam i was difeerent and i was out casted for being a girly boy, i have lived in the states since the age of 15 my family now hates me and dont talk to me i am alone feel paralized unable to accept myself nor be accepted why am i going through this how could i be good some say on this site that i am ok being transgender and are open minded and nonjudgmental others are not what is right?

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