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ive been married for 10 years and my husband cheated on me, i thought i had the perfect marriage and i have a beautiful 5 year old, i struggle to forgive him, everyday is like a test, ive 1ost my loving family who care about me, as they want me to leave him, i was pregnant and lost my baby recently, please help me to find an answer, this women ruined my life, she posted pics of my husband and herself on internet sites and facebook and youtube and mentioned my name about how poor i am and foolish not to see how my husband has betrayed me, she published his affair when he ended this with her, im so falling into a world i never knew, so dark and hurtful, i use to be a strong women, my family i love so deeply wont speak to me, my husband who i loved, i look at now and try to forgive him for my daughters sake and 10years of marriage, but it hurts so much as he is a good man and i never suspected a thing for a whole year until she emailed my whole family, colleagues and friends, i dont know what to do, please can someone guide me...i love my husband but i can not seem to forgive him, i am lost

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